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What’s New in Las Vegas 2020?

There are no sure bets in Vegas other than you will have a great time navigating the nightlife and casinos. With the new decade kicking off, everyone is wondering what will be in store for Las Vegas? How will it change? What will make it even better? And what’s new on the menu? Find answers to these questions here.

Stepping Away from the Casino

Las Vegas Convention Center - partycasino

Las Vegas and gambling are almost synonymous. But in Vegas, there is something else taking place, and it is nearly as big. These are trade shows and business conventions, events and dinners. So many business minds flock to business to network and enjoy these shows, with Vegas at hand for clocking off time.

One of the most significant changes to expect in 2020 and beyond is the expansion of the famous Las Vegas Convention Centre. A new hall is to be added sprawling the venue closer to the main strip. The additional floor space will be host to cool tech spaces, terrace bars and much more. Expect the whole project to be finalised by 2025.

New Upmarket Karaoke

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Karaoke was once upon a time, something to be enjoyed in cheap bars with questionable cocktails. In Vegas, they do things differently with the creation of an upmarket karaoke club. Kam Ultra will open on the main strip at the Venetian with a wealth of VIP and private rooms available. They will serve up exquisite drinks and dishes, and if you don’t like karaoke, you will be pleased to know that their private rooms can be transformed into video gaming suites. This one arrives in February 2020!

The MSG Sphere Is Landing

Msg Sphere - partycasino

The MSG Sphere is set to be a colossal sphere connected to the Venetian by a considerable pedestrian bridge. Stepping inside, the estimated 20,000 visitors will be welcomed by outrageous tech capabilities and plenty of fun to explore. From the outside the structure will be coated in large screens, allowing the sphere to transform its appearance into planets or anything else.

This is one of the most anticipated changes to Vegas and is set to be completed by 2021. It will add to the modern skyline uniquely and innovatively – and may just be a cornerstone moment for Sin City.

Welcome to The Raiders!

Raiders - partycasino

The Raiders are set to make Vegas their new home when the new Allegiant Stadium is finally built. It will be a 65,000 capacity stadium packed with modern amenities such as climate control and much more. Yet, the flagship aspect of the new stadium will be a large window facing the strip, letting spectators take in the action on and off the field from their seat.

Of course, the grand casinos and hotels will be sticking around and continuing the good times – but Las Vegas isn’t resting on its stellar reputation in 2020!