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Three tourist attractions you must visit in Las Vegas

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If you are on your way to Las Vegas, most of you (it is fair to say) will be heading there for the gambling opportunities that the Sin City serves up on a platter. Believe it or not, though, there are plenty of other reasons why you may wish to visit Vegas, and tons of things for you to do whilst you’re there.

You don’t have to pop off to a chapel and bag a drive-through wedding if you don’t want to, but in-between those heavy gambling sessions, why not take in some of the other treats that Vegas has to offer. Here are three other exceptional things you must do whilst visiting Las Vegas – and no, gambling is not one of them.

The Hoover Dam – damn…

The Hoover Dam spans the Colorado River and the Black Canyon, and is only 30 miles southeast of Las Vegas. This is one of America’s National Historic Landmark sites, and has been since 1937. Constructed in the early twentieth century, the Hoover dam holds back Lake Mead, which is the largest reservoir in the US, and keeps the casinos of Nevada with power. It also attracts over a million people every year. Visiting the dam is cheap enough. You will get a 30-minute tour of the power plant for $15 (seniors and children aged 4 to 16 cost just $12). Believe it or not, tours fill up rather quickly and last over an hour.

Red Rock Canyon – the “little Grand Canyon”

Red Rock Canyon is another must see site whilst visiting Las Vegas. This is closer to the action, located just 17 miles southwest of the gambling capital of the world. You’ll need a car to drive though the 18-miles of desert scenery, although there are various hiking and biking trails if you are more into fitness. These are of varying difficulty, so read up on what’s best for you. The Mojave Desert surrounds you on all sides, and there are various picnic areas, and visitor centres for you to pop into throughout the year. If you fancy something even more breathtaking, travelling 125 miles to the east will take you across the state line in Arizona, and to the Grand Canyon. If you’ve got an extended stay, it is worth the trip. If you’ve just a few days, perhaps save it for next time, and do the Red Rock Canyon trip instead.

The Las Vegas Strip in all its glory

Since the chances are good that you’re going to be spinning those vegas slots during most of your time there, you may as well venture out onto the Las Vegas Strip. Not all of the casinos in Vegas are located there, but it is worth a look even if yours isn’t.

Right across from the MGM Grand on the Las Vegas Strip is the New York-New York rollercoaster. It dives between skyscrapers, bridges, and other famous New York City landmarks and the famous ride is certainly worth a quick go. Whilst on the strip, the whole Eiffel Tower, Paris, pyramid experience should also be taken in. They are located in the centre of the strip, and make for a well-placed photo opportunity (especially for those selfie takers amongst you). Another great spot to stop is outside the Bellagio, where the world famous fountains can shower you with water, and hopefully a little look. Events, concerts and other shows, which regularly occur on the Strip may also tweak your interest. Of course, once you’ve seen all there is to see outside the casinos on the Vegas Strip, you can always pop inside the casinos and try your hand at a few hands of baccarat, and blackjack, or a few spins on the roulette wheel, or the slots.