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Gambling Hotspots in Europe

There are some things in life that are considered languages of the world, such as French wine, Italian pizza, Swiss Cheese and love. Gambling can also be one of those things with players enjoying online and local casinos in all corners of the globe. Europe is one of the most active marketplaces for gambling and online gambling alone is expected to reach almost 25 billion euros by next year. With that in mind, where are the most exciting places to gamble in Europe? Check out these gambling hotspots below for your next European adventure.

The Netherlands

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The Netherlands is a fantastic place for gambling and especially Amsterdam. Here you may have your head turned by the city’s other attractions, such as the museums, architecture and meandering canals. Yet, if you look past the major tourist spots you will find a plethora of awesome casinos open throughout the night. The Holland Casino Amsterdam Centre is a top place to start and it also serves Dutch specialties. You can also end there because there is a branch at the city’s airport!


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Malta has some of the least-restricted gambling laws in the world and it is why most of the biggest game providers have flocked to this slice of paradise. Not only are there big names and luxurious casinos on offer. You can celebrate a win by hitting the golden beaches. If you do decide to stop by, make sure you check out Portomaso Casinos.

The Czech Republic

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Amsterdam is often considered the brother of Paris and London that never grew up, making it a great choice for stag parties. The same can be said about the capital of the Czech Republic – Prague. This urban playground is full of ornate buildings and cultural beauty, but it also houses some of the best casinos in Europe. Many of them are located inside the city’s top hotels but don’t worry, you can still enter them and there is usually no entrance fee either!


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This list wasn’t put in order, but if it was, Monaco would be hands down top of the pile. The Mediterranean location is known for its wealth and any visitor should expect to see harbours filled with bespoke luxury yachts and if you visit at the right time maybe even a famous motor race. The glitz, glamour and prestige of this location have also made their casinos next level. From the service to the décor, expect a casino outing like never before.


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Any non-European usually puts Paris on top of their list of cities to visit. That’s fortunate because you may not know about the city’s awesome gambling culture. For example, did you know Roulette was invented in Paris? You can immerse yourself in this culture by visiting some of their beautiful and famous casinos such as Cercle Clichy Montmartre and Le Cercle Central.

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While most wouldn’t consider Scotland a fanciful gambling venue, it makes the list thanks to its’ art deco Maybury Casino in Edinburgh. Built in 1935 as a Roadhouse, the new casino has kept many of the art deco statues and features so that visitors can still see the original beauty. More importantly, for those that want a flutter, there may be just 15 notable venues in Scotland (mostly in Edinburgh and Glasgow) but their welcoming spirit, well-handled drinking and sense of purpose to keeping culture alive, earns them one of our top spots.

For any visiting gambler, plan your itinerary around these locations to make even better fun-filled European memories. If you’re a local to one of these places, count yourself lucky that you have such relaxed gambling laws and awesome casinos on your doorstep!

Remember if you want a quite night in you can always play casino games online at PartyCasino. Online gambling is available in most European countries, so if you are in Europe you can gamble both at land based casinos and online.