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I’m going to Las Vegas – A Review of the Best Hotels!

A trip to Las Vegas features prominently on most people’s bucket lists – who wouldn’t want a trip to the heart of the US gambling and entertainment industry, and its famous Strip? But when it comes to actually planning the finer details, you’ll need to think about which hotels in Las Vegas you are going to stay at. Fortunately, Vegas is littered with some of the most luxurious, magnificent hotels in the world – whether it’s those attached to casino resorts, or those that exist as standalone hotel brands.

So where should you stay for the perfect Vegas trip? Maybe you are going for a friends stag do or to play the WSOP, either way, let’s look at a selection of some of the best hotels to try and shed some light.

The Bellagio

The Bellagio Hotel - partycasino

If you were to ask someone to name a famous hotel and casino resort in Las Vegas, there’s a good chance The Bellagio would come up. Famed for countless cameos in films, such as in the Ocean’s Eleven franchise, The Bellagio is synonymous with high end luxury. Located right in the heart of the Las Vegas strip, it’s one of the most prominent casino and hotel resorts in the city, thanks to its imposing construction and the world-famous Bellagio fountains.

The Bellagio is an Italian themed resort, with some 3950 rooms on offer, each offering their own slice of Las Vegas Italian luxury. You’ll also find O by Cirque du Soleil playing in residence, as a permanent feature of entertainment at The Bellagio.

With 116,000 square ft of gaming space on offer, there’s no shortage of casino action here either. But the hotel itself has so much to offer, even if you’re not a gambler, with its 14 restaurants, conservatory and botanical garden, and even its own Fine Art gallery, home to some of the world’s most collectable paintings.

The Venetian

The Venetian Hotel - partycasino

Second on the list of famous hotel and casino resorts might be The Venetian. A lot of people are already familiar with this hotel, even if they can’t instantly recall its name from the top of their heads. This is the hotel and casino resort that has been themed like the city of Venice, only indoors – an unusual spectacle that draws tourists in their droves each and every year.

There are over 4,000 rooms in this five-diamond standard luxury resort, with a casino floor space equivalent to 120,000 square feet – that’s plenty of space to find your favourite casino games. Now the second biggest hotel in the world, The Venetian has been eclipsed by The Venetian Macau, which upped the ante with even more rooms, and an even bigger casino space. When you see the size of this place, you’ll be amazed at the audacity of going one bigger.

The hotel itself is the main attraction here, with many of the most prominent landmarks from Venice recreated in stunning beauty and detail. Aside from that, there are countless restaurants, shops, galleries and other attractions completing the experience. Expect to pay for the luxury, but in our opinion, it’s well worth it.

The Palazzo

The Palazzo Hotel - partycasino

The tallest building in Nevada, The Palazzo is a truly record breaking hotel. Part of the same complex of hotels as The Venetian, it’s another great option for finding somewhere to stay in absolute luxury during your time in Vegas. It’s another Italian-themed affair, which was awarded an AAA Five Diamond award for luxury at the last inspection – placing it firmly amongst the most luxurious hotels in the world.

There are over 3,000 rooms at The Palazzo, with gaming space in excess of 105,000 square feet. It’s almost hard to believe it can get as busy on the gaming floor as it does, but The Palazzo casino remains a major attraction for guests and visitors alike. Costing a total of $1.8 billion to construct, this is the kind of hotel that puts a new spin on ‘luxury’.

Enjoy the Las Vegas Car Museum while you’re here, which is located within one of the hotel’s many top class restaurants. Recorded as the second biggest building in the Western hemisphere, you’d like to think there would be a vacancy or two over the course of your stay.

Incredible luxury, heavy on the entertainment, and just a pure spectacle from start to finish – in many ways, The Palazzo sums up what Vegas is all about.

Wynn Las Vegas

The Wynn Hotel - partycasino

The Wynn Las Vegas is another hotel and casino resort that takes luxury to the absolute extreme. Slightly smaller than the others, at just over 2,700 rooms, visiting this resort is still an absolutely mind-blowing experience. The Wynn was the first casino in the world to be home to a car dealership, with a Ferrari-Maserati dealership setting up shop within the resort. Ideal for those high rollers coming off the back of a successful night!

There are some incredible shows on offer at the Wynn, which places entertainment at the heart of their offering. There are also a handful of incredible nightclubs, and even a huge outdoor patio area where guests can sample some impressive fireworks and pyrotechnics. And then there’s the gaming – all 189,000 square ft of it.

The rooms and suites are all incredibly luxurious, as you’d imagine, and there’s something to suit any budget. When you’re here, you’ll be well looked after by the incredibly helpful and friendly staff, not to mention gaining access to a whole city’s worth of attractions, amenities and events. It’s hard to rival a hotel experience like this, when the offering is so over-blown with luxury.

Trump International Hotel

Trump Hotel - partycasino

No discussion of Las Vegas hotels would be complete without the man himself. Now President Trump, the hotel obviously attracts guests for its strong brand reputation. A joint condo-hotel, with apartments sold to permanent residents, the Trump International spans some 2 million square feet of space – that’s a whole lot of Trump.

Situated head on across from the Wynn Las Vegas, the Trump hotel doesn’t have a casino, a business decision that was taken at the time of construction between Trump and the other developers. Regardless, it still offers one of the most luxurious hotel experiences in the whole of Las Vegas.

Set across 64 floors, the hotel is home to two incredible restaurants, and is styled to a breathtakingly luxurious standard. Its prime location and fantastic interior, couple with some first class facilities, make this another great choice for a place to stay in Vegas. Plus there’s always the allure of staying at a Trump brand hotel, which will definitely appeal to some travellers.

This is a non-exhaustive list, and in truth, only a handful of the many fantastic, high-end places you can stay in Vegas. Wherever you end up, it’s worthwhile doing your research, and checking out a few different hotel options before settling on a booking. You wouldn’t want to miss the chance to stay at one of these world-leading luxury resorts.