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PartyCasino is home to one of the biggest selections of state-of-the-art video online slots that guests will be able to find anywhere on the internet. Not only do we offer classic games like Reel King and Immortal Romance, but we also constantly update our line-up to include brand new titles like The Goonies and Bonanza. Remember, we also offer a wide selection of progressive jackpot slots, with huge prizes.

An Unrivalled Choice

We believe our guests should never be left wanting for choice when it comes to selecting their perfect video slot experience – and that’s why we’re constantly adding new games to our ever-growing line-up of titles to ensure they’re always entertained. We currently host slots from all of the top software providers including Microgaming, Williams Interactive, Open Bet, Win Interactive, Ash Gaming, NextGen Gaming, NetEnt, Amaya and IGT as well as many exclusive games from our in-house studio.

Try Our Online Slots For Free

All of the UK slots on offer at PartyCasino are available in both free play and real money versions, so when you do become a guest with us, you always have the option to take a new game for a trial run before playing it for real. Remember, we also offer a generous Welcome Bonus to help you get off to a winning start, while there are also many slot-specific bonuses that you can use to get more from your favourite games. Please visit your account page for more details on all our latest promotions.

How do Slots Games Work?

With jackpots on offer that are highly tempting, one of the most appealing elements of online slots games is how easy they are to play, allowing you to focus on the story lines and appealing graphics.

Comprised of winning reels, the majority of slots games work in a very similar manner with spin symbols lined up on vertical spinners called “reels”. As you play, the reels spin, stopping to show a random series of symbols arranged on the pay-line. Players win by getting varying combinations and patterns of the slot’s symbols, specific to the slot’s games being played.

By brushing up your online slots game knowledge on your chosen slots game's special symbols can appear more often i.e. special bonus rounds, jackpots and RTP etc.

Playing purely for fun or online gaming research, whatever your choice for playing online slots, it’s a good idea to put some time into researching new games and online casinos before signing up.

A lot of online slots players get engrossed in the story line and that’s when the real enjoyment starts for so many players, learning about the special symbols, characters and the sheer thrill of spinning the wheels.

Online Slots tips

Tips for winning online Slots games - Many online Slots games offer huge jackpots and others offer what may feel are more realistic prizes. Let’s face it, a million-dollar jackpot is the dream of every self-respecting online slots player.

But as the jackpot gets larger the chances of winning clearly become less. But with a good eye, a good understanding of the game in play and mother luck, people win big everyday all around the world. So why shouldn’t you have a go? It's a once-in-a-lifetime experience if you were to hit a truly big jackpot.

Jackpots that increase in size over time are called “Progressive Jackpots”. That means a small part of each wager played is added to the jackpot. It keeps increasing until a lucky person gets it. There are massive jackpots available, but as a player you will normally have to be betting a certain amount in order to qualify. Here's a look at some of the biggest online progressive jackpot slots on the planet.

When you play slots for years many online slots players will develop their own slots tips, strategies and game knowledge. We have a few to online slots tips to share with you.

It starts with picking the game that gives you the best chance of accomplishing your goals.

How do I Pick My Online Slots Games?

There’s a myriad of factors that can direct your decision on which online slots game to play. As far as which game to play, the first step is identifying your priorities and then finding the games that are in line with them.

You should also look at the game's RTP, Return to Player - This is the percentage of the turnover of game retuned in winning. Progressive jackpot games have a lower RTP because you can win very large massive prizes. Be sure to take this into account when assessing your online slots spend!

Which online slots game do you feel the best connection with? – Gut feeling can be a good feeling!

Are you looking to be entertained by Online Slots Games? It's fine if entertainment is your key priority, picking a online slots game with great graphics, theme and story can make the game play more fun.

Are there any good promotions or offers with different online slots casino games? Online casinos promote different games at different times so it's worth staying up to date with the latest promotions and giveaways associated with different games.

What are the best Slots strategies?

Some people assume that there's no strategy in playing online Slots! It’s fair to say that they are kind of right, but, equally wrong. There are a lot of in game decisions that will affect your chances of winning the jackpots as well as having a positive experience playing. The biggest decision you will ever make, is which game to play.

Always pick the online casino slots games with the highest “Return to Player” percentage. These games give you the best chance of coming out in the black and not the red.

Can I use free spins? A lot of casinos give away free spins to promote new games, reward players or a loyalty scheme. We have 50 FREE SPINs for new UK players

Controlling your online Slots budget! Try not to step outside of your comfort zone, try not to get too greedy and play within your means. If you like to take risks and gamble, making big bets in relation to your bankroll can mean huge wins, but it could out you off online slot’s games forever more if you lose big! Play within your limits.

Strategies Continued

Should I hunt for online Slots jackpots? The odds of hitting the winning slots game stay the same. But understanding which jackpots that haven't been won lately, offers a lot more value from your online spins.

Should I focus on welcome bonuses? Welcome bonuses are always on offer, free spins and other such options. There nothing wrong with getting some free practice in.

Should I vary my online slots games? If you're only playing one online slots game all the time, you might be missing out on jackpots, multipliers, bonus rounds, free spins and other promotions that are only available in other games.

What are online casino Loyalty Programs? Loyalty Programs are one of the best ways to swing the odds in your favour, they want you to stay and play!

Online Slots Tournaments

What are online Slots tournaments? Online Slots tournaments are a way to compete against lots of other players globally, which can prove very exciting, potentially offering players the opportunity to win huge prizes. The two most common are single-level and multi-level tournaments.

What are single level online Slots tournaments? A single-level tournament is where everything happens within one set amount of time. All the players start with the same number of credits and this generally maxes out the coin denomination and number of paylines. The strategy is to win big or go down in flames.

What are multi level online Slots tournaments? It’s like a game of layers, at the end of each level, a certain percentage of the field gets eliminated. So, it could start with 400 people but gets culled to the top 30% as the next level arrives. In the last round the players are left to compete for the biggest prizes.