• Slot Tournaments

Specific Terms and Conditions: 
  1. The promoter of this promotion for the UK is LC International Limited, licenced and regulated by the UKGC with licence number 54743, having its registered office at Suite 6, Atlantic Suites, Europort Avenue, Gibraltar. .
  2. The promotion will run daily from 00:00 CEST to 23:59 CEST until further notice (the “Promotional Period”).
  3. This offer is not available in conjunction with any other offer.
  4. By taking part in this promotion, you hereby agree to these Specific Promotional Terms and Conditions and to our Standard Promotional Terms and Conditions which can be found HERE.
  1. This Promotion is available to customers who (the “Website”) who:
    1. have a verified Website account;
    2. are over 18 years old; and
    3. are eligible to receive Website promotions

    (an “Eligible Player”)

  1. To participate in this Promotion an Eligible Player must: 
    1. access the tournaments promotional page on the Website (the “Promotional Page”);
    2. opt in (once per Eligible Player per Slot Tournament (defined below)); and
    3. launch and play the Tournament Game (defined below) for the specific Slot Tournament within the Tournament Duration (defined below).
  1. The opt in period for each Slot Tournament will open as soon as the tournament is visible to players on the schedule and will close 10 minutes before the end of the Tournament Duration. Times and Tournament Durations can be viewed on the Promotional Page.
  2. There are no limitations on the number of entries which an Eligible Player can make per Slot Tournament.
  3. Eligible Players will collect points from spins in the Tournament Game to gain a ranking on the leaderboard.
  4. Only real money stakes meeting the Minimum Bet Amount (defined below) will enable an Eligible Player to collect points in the relevant Tournament Game.
  5. Eligible Players who have collected enough points to reach the leaderboard, will have their usernames displayed on the leaderboard rankings table. By participating in a Slots Tournament, Eligible Players acknowledge that their usernames may be listed on the leaderboard.
  6. Only Eligible Players who are ranked on the leaderboard will receive a Reward (as defined below).
  7. During the Promotional Period, specific Slots Tournaments will be part of a Promoter’s group network promotion, so there may be winners across several of the Promoters websites.  If an Eligible Player has accounts with several of the Promoter’s websites they may participate in the Weekly Tournaments (as defined below) using each account, except that, if an Eligible Player uses the same account in both partypoker and partycasino websites, they will only be able to participate from one of these websites. If an Eligible Player takes part in the Weekly Tournaments using the same account in partypoker and partycasino and ranks in the leaderboard, their entries will be void and their Reward(s) will be forfeited without notification. 
  1. There will be several slot tournaments held on a daily basis during the Promotional Period on the Promotional Page (the “Slot Tournaments”).
  2. Each Slot Tournament will detail the following:  
    1. “Tournament Game” - the specific slots game(s) which can be played as part of that Slot Tournament;
    2. “Minimum Bet Amount” – the minimum stake that Eligible Players must bet per spin which shall be displayed in the Slot Tournament widget. Any spins made with stakes lower than the Minimum Bet Amount will not collect points;
    3. “Maximum Spin Limit” - the maximum number of spins that an Eligible Player may make during that particular Slot Tournament that may collect points which shall be displayed in the Slot Tournament widget. Any spins made after the Maximum Spin Limit is reached will not accumulate points and will automatically stop the Eligible Player’s score from increasing; and
    4. “Tournament Duration” - a pre-defined time limit for which each Slot Tournament will last. This will be visible to Eligible Players through a countdown. Only bets made during the Tournament Duration may accumulate points.
  1. To gain a ranking on the leaderboard an Eligible Player needs to collect points by playing the Tournament Game within the Tournament Duration up to the Maximum Spin Limit.
  2. The result of each spin in the Tournament Game will determine the points collected by the Eligible Player.
  3. Points shall be gained as set out below:
    1. Selected Tournaments that take place at 20:00; 20:30; 21:00 and 23:00 CEST
      • 10 points for every win.
      • 300 points for every x10 winnings of the initial bet amount.
      • 40 points for every 3 losses in a row.
    2. Selected Slot Tournaments that take place at 12:00; 16:00; 21:30 and 22:00 CEST:
      • 20 points for every win.
      • 50 points for every x5 winnings of the initial bet amount.
      • 10 points for every 3 loses in a row, of the initial bet amount.
    3. Selected Slot Tournaments which are available for seven days (“Weekly Tournaments”):
      • 10 points for 3 losses in a row.
      • 20 points for every x1 winnings of the initial bet amount.
      • 30 points for every x2 winnings of the initial bet amount.
      • 40 points for every x3 winnings of the initial bet amount.
    4. Game Shows Daily Tournament
      • 2 points for every x1 winnings of the initial bet amount.
      • 3 points for every x2 winnings of the initial bet amount.
      • 8 points for every x5 winnings of the initial bet amount.
      • 15 points for every x10 winnings of the initial bet amount.
      • 80 points for every x50 winnings of the initial bet amount.
      • 160 points for every x100 winnings of the initial bet amount.
      • 300 points for every x200 winnings of the initial bet amount.
      • 1000 points for every x600 winnings of the initial bet amount.
    5. Free to Play Daily Tournament
      • 1 point for spin which results in a loss.
      • 3 points for every spin which results in a win
      • 10 points for every x5 winnings of the initial bet amount.
      • 25 points for every x10 winnings of the initial bet amount.
      • 70 points for every x25 winnings of the initial bet amount.
      • 150 points for every x50 winnings of the initial bet amount.
      • 300 points for every x100 winnings of the initial bet amount.
      • 1000 points for every x25 winnings of the initial bet amount.
  1. If the outcome of a spin qualifies for more than one set of points, an Eligible Player will be awarded the outcome with the highest value of points. For example, if an Eligible Player’s spin results in a win and the value is 10x the bet amount, the player will get 300 points only. An Eligible Player will only be entitled to the outcome with the highest amount of points and not the outcome providing the lower amount of points.
  2. The Tournament Game will display an Eligible Player’s current accumulation of points, in real time, plus the Eligible Player’s rank on the leaderboard. This information will update every 30 seconds. The leaderboard and an Eligible Players’ rankings will only be finalised at the end of the Tournament Duration.
  3. An Eligible Player’s current scores can be viewed by clicking “See Results” at the bottom of the Promotional Page.
  4. If the Eligible Player leaves or is disconnected from a Slot Tournament, the Eligible Player is able to resume play by re-entering from the Promotional Page, as long as the Tournament Duration has not ended.
  5. If a Slot Tournament finishes while an Eligible Player is in-game, the Eligible Players who remain in-game will be notified via an in-game message that the Slot Tournament has finished.
  6. If an Eligible Player is in the middle of an unfinished spin once the Tournament Duration has ended, the spin will complete however the Eligible Player will not collect points for that spin.
  7. Eligible Players could hit a bonus or free spins round within a Slot Tournament. If the Eligible Player has not completed their bonus or free spin rounds within the Tournament Duration, points for the bonus or free spins round will not be collected.
  8. The leaderboard will reset after each Slot Tournament.
  9. At the end of each Slot Tournament, Eligible Players who have gained a ranking in the leaderboard will receive a Reward. Ranking positions that will be paid out per Slot Tournament will be detailed on the Promotional Page.
  10. In the event that more than one Eligible Player gains the same number of points on the leaderboard (a “Tie”), those Eligible Players will get the highest rank prize and the next ranks with the same points will be removed.
  11. If the Promoter deems the Reward to have been forfeited, there will be no Reward awarded for that ranking position.
  12. The rewards for each Slot Tournament include: cash, [casino bonus] and/or free spins (the “Rewards”). Details of the Rewards will be displayed on the Promotional Page.
  13. The Tournament Games schedule: can be found on the Promotional Page.
  1. Eligible Players that are still in-game, at the end of the applicable Tournament Duration, will receive a pop-up at the end of the Tournament Duration confirming their finishing position on the leaderboard.
  2. If an Eligible player is not in-game at the end of the applicable Tournament Duration, they will need to return to the Promotional Page under the ‘See Your Results’ tab to confirm their leaderboard ranking.
  3. Eligible Players who are entitled to a Reward will receive an inbox message at the end of the applicable Slot Tournament giving the full details and the value of their Reward. An Eligible Player will also be able to find the full details and value of their credited Reward on the either the ‘Offers’ page, which shows free spins rewards, or the ‘Promo History’ page which shows cash rewards.
  4. For Eligible Players who are entitled to receive the Reward(s), the Rewards should be credited to their Website account automatically within 15 minutes of the Slot Tournament ending. In the event of any technical issues that cause a delay in the crediting of the Reward(s), an Eligible Player should allow up to 24 hours for the Reward(s) to be credited to their Website account. If the Reward(s) does not appear in the Eligible Player’s Website account after 24 hours, they are advised to contact the Customer Services team before playing again.
  5. A cash reward carries no wagering requirements and will be issued automatically to an Eligible Player’s Website account balance.
  6. Cash rewards are paid in the following Currencies $/£/€ equivalent to 1:1 and other currency will be converted to an Eligible Player’s relevant local currency (if applicable) at the Promoter’s rates prevailing at that time.
Reward Cash Bonus
  1. Casino bonus Rewards:
    1. Cash prizes are awarded as Non-Deposit Bonus with no wagering restrictions and can be immediately withdrawn by the player.
Free Spins Rewards
  1. Free spins Rewards:
    1. must be used by an Eligible Player within 48 hours from the time the free spins were credited to the player’s Website account, otherwise they will expire and will not be re-issued.
    2. can only be used on the game specified on the Promotional Page.
  1. Any winnings from a free spins Reward will be credited to the Eligible Player Website account in cash. There are no wagering requirements to the winnings obtained from the free spins Reward.
  2. There is no cash alternative to the free spins Reward.
  1. The Promoter reserves the right to withdraw this Promotion from anyone who does not qualify or is excluded from its offers or promotions under the General Website Terms & Conditions.
  2. The Promoter may place restrictions on an Eligible Player’s account, including deposit restrictions, in order to comply with its legal and regulatory obligations. The Promoter will not be responsible should these restrictions affect an Eligible Player’s ability to complete the requirements of the promotion and/or to release any bonus, benefits, or rewards.
  3. The Promoter reserves the right to change and/or end the promotion at any time, if required for legal and/or regulatory reasons.
  4. The General Casino Bonus Terms & Conditions also apply to all of your Active Bonuses and include additional restrictions on your use of this Promotion.
  5. Where the Promoter suspects that a player is guilty of fraudulent activity, the Promoter reserves the right to suspend or remove that player from the promotion, and/or suspend that player’s account and/or suspend the promotion pending further investigation.

Slots Tournaments

PartyCasino is the home of the best online slot games from game developers like NetEnt, Play n’Go, IGT and many more. Our slot games are full of magical and adventurous themes to make your slot gaming even more exhilarating. But we’ve not stopped there as we now offer players the chance to enter our fun slot tournaments.

What is a Slot Tournament?

Slot tournaments are competitions between different online casino players playing our video slot games. Just like when players face-off over games of poker, you can also enter tournaments to see who the best slot gamer is. A slot tournament depends a lot more on chance than strategic poker games.

How to Enjoy Slot Tournament Gaming

Slot gaming tournaments don’t always require a lot of skill, but depending on the slot game that you are playing, be it a Megaways slot machine or a one-armed bandit, some elements of strategy can make the difference. Having said that, a lot of the time the winner of the slot tournament is decided mostly by good fortune. Remember, however you approach your next slot tournament, make sure to start playing on time, be consistent with your stakes and remember that these tournaments are supposed to be fun and add to the excitement of slot gaming.

How Much Can You Win from PartyCasino Slot Tournaments?

The amount you can win by playing slot games will depend on the slot tournament you enter. PartyCasino makes slot gaming tournaments as inclusive as possible by hosting low roller slot tournaments and high roller slot tournaments. This means the prize funds from these competitions at can range from modest wins to super jackpots.

How Do Slot Tournaments Online Work?

Gambling tournaments can add to the fun of playing online casino games because they put you up against other PartyCasino members. They generally work by giving you a time limit on specific games, with the winner being the player who ends the allotted time period with the highest score. The same goes for slot tournaments. Players will play a specific slot for a pre-determined period, and the player who matches the most symbols, or scores the most bonus and multipliers will be crowned slot gaming champion.

Enjoy Our Exclusive PartyCasino Slot Bonuses!

PartyCasino is proud to offer new members and existing players the chance to play slot games without betting. Our free spins bonuses and regular slot game promotions will enable everyone to try slot games and see how fun they can be. Grab your casino bonuses and free spins for the best online slot games, soon!