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If you are an online casino gaming enthusiast, then you might have heard the name Evolution Gaming. No, let us rephrase. If you are an online casino gaming enthusiast, then you WILL have heard of Evolution Gaming. This studio is known for being the innovators in Live Dealer casino games. These are real casino games operated by real dealers and croupiers, in front of a high-resolution camera and live-streamed to you sitting behind your mobile, tablet and desktop screens. Now, having just announced its innovation at the ICE conference in London, Evolution Gaming brings you Mega Ball.

It could be a little hard to explain Mega Ball Casino Game to the average player, as it is a live casino game but acts a bit like an online slot. You’ll notice, however, that it also plays out a little like a game of bingo – some would even argue keno.

How To Play

Let’s try and simplify it for you as best we can. The ‘dealer’ stands in the middle of the screen. Along with a device holding 50+ balls situated to the left of the dealer. You’ll notice at the bottom of the screen that there are numerous paylines. You might be wondering why paylines would exist in a game that draws balls as a lotto machine would? Every round involves the machine churning up the balls and then producing 20 of them. The paylines provided are then matched to the balls that are drawn. You get to wager by drawing cards – almost like you would spinning the reels in a regular online slot. In slots, you also set the value of a payline on occasion, while here you set the value of cards.

The most you’ll be able to wager is 100.00, while players feeling a little cautious and wanting to feel their way into the game can wager as little as 0.10 per card. There is a reason as to why Evolution Gaming named their new creation Mega Ball. The final ball – the 21st – to appear is the ‘mega ball’, and can add a multiplier to your win.

The most you’ll possibly be able to take home from the mega game is 500,000.00 Mega cash!

Added Gameplay Features

When playing a casino game, you always need something to wager on. In slots, it’s the symbols that fall and rest on a formation, while with blackjack and poker, it’s the cards you can draw. Mega Ball gives you the chance to wager on virtual cards. The cards are worth amounts that you set the value of.

It doesn’t appear as if there are any bonus features that you can trigger when playing Mega Ball. This is because it isn’t a video game but instead operated by real people in a studio. It all depends on how many cards you choose to wager on, how much cash you wager and what balls are drawn from the machine.

One of the significant benefits the game offers, as there aren’t random features that can somehow trigger out of the blue, is that big multipliers can be applied. The mega ball itself can help you out when it appears by making your win an unbelievably high amount. The biggest multiplier you can receive in Mega Ball is 1,000,000x your bet. This is higher than anything you’ll find in online slots.

Play Mega Ball Casino Game at PartyCasino

There isn’t too much yet known about this game, simply because it’s so brand spanking new. For this reason, we can’t provide players with any neat tips or tricks to use when going into a round. Our best advice would be to tread cautiously with conservative wagers until you’ve figured the game-play out and experienced what works best for you. Once you’ve got the lay of the land, increase your bet sizes and go for that massive 1,000,000 multiplier.