Funky Time

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Funky Time Game Review

With the competition in the live casino game show space being as fierce as ever, each release has to stand out from the crowd. Funky Time does this seamlessly by using a combination of appealing visuals, engaging features, and high levels of interactivity. Like with live casino games, this title comes with the option to interact with the host alongside other players at the table. The Funky Time game is set in the middle of a dance floor, with a total of four bonuses that will take players to different areas of the club, should they trigger. 

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This title was created by Evolution Gaming, one of the most popular providers in the live casino game show space. Funky Time, as the name may suggest, is based on the infamous Crazy Time, with a similar appearance being shared between the two. Evolution Gaming has also released the likes of Monopoly Live, Lighting Roulette, and Deal or No Deal Live, alongside a variety of online slots

Featured Symbols

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Due to Funky Time being a live casino game and not on an online slot, there are no specific symbols to look out for. Instead, players can be on different segments of the wheel, with various potential winnings associated with each. First up, there is the number 1 section, of which there are 28. Should this outcome be selected by the wheel, players will be awarded at the rate of 1:1 or 2x the stake size. 

Next up is an assortment of different letters, with a total of 24 segments being featured on the wheel. These can award at the rate of 25 to 1, or 26x the total bet for the round. Last but not least are the 'Bar', 'Stayin' Alive', 'Disco', and 'Vip Disco' sections, all of which are linked to their own unique bonus mode. 

Bonuses and Jackpots

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Now, before we touch on all of the bonuses, let's start with the round modifier. As the wheel begins to spin, a disco ball can appear in the middle, surrounded by different multipliers. These multipliers will then begin to move around before occupying up to 15 segments of the wheel. There are four dedicated bonus modes in this title, all of which can activate if the wheel lands on the corresponding section. Of course, the bonus will only trigger for players that have an active bet. 

The first bonus mode is 'Bar', and if it activates, players will be prompted to pick between a blue, yellow, or pink glass. Each of these glasses will reveal a multiplier, which will be applied to the bet size for the round before being awarded to the player.  

Next up is the 'Stayin' Alive' bonus, where players will be taken to a ball machine before being prompted to select either green, purple, or orange. Each colour has its meter, and whenever a corresponding ball is drawn from the machine, players will move up one or two levels, with the potential winnings increasing along the way. Should a black ball be drawn, however, players will lose a life, which is represented by the records at the bottom of the screen. After all four lives have been used, the current multiplier on the chosen meter will be applied to the stake and awarded. 

The 'Disco' section of the wheel will see the dealer head through the red doors in the background, revealing a dancer in the middle of the floor. An assortment of different values will be dotted around the club alongside some 2x multipliers. The dealer will then take their place behind the DJ booth in order to spin a reel, with the outcome determining the direction that the dancer will move in. 

Whenever he passes through a value, it will be collected, and should the dancer land on the same part of the floor as a multiplier, the current potential winnings will be doubled. This process continues until the dance eventually falls off the floor, at which point the collected value will be multiplied by the bet size and awarded. There is also a VIP version of this bonus, which works in the same way, but with increased multipliers of 50x, 250x, 500x, and 1,500x.  

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With a range of different bonuses, bright visuals, and interactive hosts, this title is unlikely to disappoint players that enjoyed games such as Crazy Time in the past. Evolution Gaming has also included a modifier that can be applied to multiple sections of the wheel, too! 

Is Funky Time available to play at PartyCasino?

Yes, Funky Time and many other popular slots can be found online at PartyCasino.

Which company created the Funky Time slot?

Funky Time was produced by Evolution Gaming.

How do players unlock the bonus mode in Funky Time?

In Funky Time, having an active bet on any of the four different bonus segments can trigger the corresponding mode.