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5 Places Not To Miss In Las Vegas

For many gambling fans, a trip to Las Vegas is something of a pilgrimage. The chance to see the original Sin City in all its glory, and to sample all of its hedonistic delights is a major draw for tourists from across the world, with millions of people annually taking the trip to the heart of gambling. Amazing Casino resorts tower over the Las Vegas skyline, a testament to an industry that has been built up to be a multibillion dollar sector in the Nevada desert. Running alongside these resorts, Las Vegas is a haven for entertainment of all kinds, with plenty to see and do, whatever your interests.

Any trip to Las Vegas is likely to come with a jam-packed itinerary, and for many, factoring in gambling time will be a major consideration. You never know you may even end up getting married! But while you’re there, there are some places you can’t help but visit, while some you’d be mad to miss. Here are our top 5 places you must see when you’re in Vegas!

The Bellagio Fountains

Bellagio Fountains - partycasino

There are multiple reasons to visit the Bellagio, but you simply cannot miss the world-famous Bellagio fountains. While you’re in Vegas, you want to sample the luxury and opulence that has made it an internationally recognisable attraction. This is part of the business model of course, and the Bellagio wants to be a destination on every tourist’s itinerary. With their incredible water feature alone, the Bellagio has cemented this status.

There are more than one thousand individual water fountains, which jump and dance in sync with music and lights, to create a visual spectacular that is not to be missed. While you’re there, you can also take in the majesty of the Bellagio’s ceiling, another ambitious feature that is truly out of this world. Prepare to be mesmerised as you watch the fountains, and take in the Bellagio in all it’s glory. Do this early on in your trip to Vegas – it’s one of the best ways to get a flavour of the glitz and glamour that have made this such an important destination for holidaymakers over so many decades.

The Venetian

The Venetian - partycasino

The Venetian is worth a visit, both for the gambling, but also to take in the full scale of the achievement that was developing this resort. World-famous for its indoor adaptation of the historical city of Venice. Think canals, gondolas, and ancient Venetian attractions, and you won’t be far off the mark. The Venetian is of course a five-star resort, with all of the trimmings designed to encourage guests from all of the world to stay and play. The casino floors themselves are hugely impressive, spanning a whopping 120,000 square feet in area. But the main attraction is no doubt the design of the building.

Attractions like the Rialto Bridge, Piazza San Marco, the Lion of Venice Column and many more have been recreated in stunning detail. While the theme is a little overdone, it’s truly breathtaking to see the attention to detail and workmanship that has gone into making the Venetian a reality. It’s definitely worth checking out – you’ll most likely never see the likes of this resort again.

Star Trek Experience

Star Trek Experience - partycasino

Not everyone who goes to Vegas wants to spend all their time on the casino floor. Fortunately, there are loads of other attractions, including a number of options for those with more diverse tastes. An excellent example is the Star Trek Experience – an absolute must-see for any Trekkie, as well as a good visitors’ destination for all the family. Interact with the Borg in true Las Vegas style, with the recently developed attraction offering a once in a lifetime chance to get up close and personal with some of the characters.

Way beyond your typical museum, this exhibition was a permanent feature of the Hilton in Paradise. However, this is currently looking for a new permanent home, so be sure to check ahead of your visit as to whether the attraction will be open during your stay. If it is, it’s well worth a visit – even if you’re not traditionally a Star Trek fan. There’s just so much to see and do, and with the help of modern technology, there’s plenty to drag you into the Star Trek universe.

Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam - partycasino

Heading away from the strip, there are other magnificent attractions you should take the time to visit while you’re in this part of the world. The Hoover Dam rates highly among them, and is well worth a day trip during your stay. Located about 30 miles out of the city, it’s not too far as to swallow up your trip. But it is a must-see modern wonder of engineering, holding back millions of gallons of water and providing energy across Nevada and beyond.

In Vegas, everything is so much larger than life, and that’s certainly the case with the Hoover Dam. It’s worth seeing at least once in a lifetime, so if you are heading out to Vegas, be sure to schedule in a look at the Hoover Dam while you’re there.

Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay

Shark Reef Aquarium At Mandalay Bay - partycasino

Finally, we wouldn’t want you to miss the Shark Reef Aquarium at the Mandalay Bay resort. One of the largest aquariums in North America, it’s teaming with sea-life, ranging from the menacing to the exotic, to the bizarre. If you’re going with kids especially, it’s an absolutely essential part of your itinerary, and one of the best chances you’ll ever get to get so up close and personal with these wonderful creatures.

It’s not just the aquarium either – there’s the Jungle exhibition that runs at the same site, packed with exotic reptiles and small animals, including a rare Komodo dragon, courtesy of Miami Zoo. And, of course, you won’t get too far without running into a shark or two…

In truth, there are way more than 5 must see attractions in Vegas, so it’s important to plan your time effectively so you can take in everything the city has to offer. Whenever you’re planning to go, and whomever you’re planning to travel with, one thing is clear – Las Vegas is a city with plenty to offer, and a must-visit place for anyone interested in seeing the world.