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The Greatest Cards Show Live

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The Greatest Cards Show Live Game Review

Live casino games are popular choices for many punters around the world. They offer an interactive way to play, often with friendly dealers that converse with everyone in the lobby. The Greatest Cards Show Live is similar to roulette, but with an interface that is arguably more visually appealing than traditional alternatives. It's played inside a tent, offering a circus-like theme. Players can bet on different sections of the board, with a maximum potential win of 40x during the base game and 5,000x in one of the three bonus rounds!

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The Greatest Cards Show Live is perhaps one of the most innovative casino games that Playtech has released. While the company focuses on slots primarily, they have also produced a handful of live casino games such as Speed Roulette, Baccarat Squeeze, and Spin A Win Live. Some of their most popular slots include Jungle Giants, Retro Rush, and Buffalo Blitz Megaways.

Featured Symbols

Greatest Cards Show Live Symbols Eng - partycasino

The featured symbols in The Greatest Cards Show Live revolve around the different betting options. In total, there are 54 sections on the main wheel, with 52 of these being different numbers and suit combinations. The other 2 are joker sections, which can be responsible for triggering the main bonus mode. Should players place a bet on the correct card, they will be awarded with 40x their stake size. 

Bets can be placed on individual numbers on the main board, or by grouping a larger stake across a particular batch of numbers. Furthermore, the previously selected numbers can be seen in the bottom right. Some punters may use this information as part of their play style; however, the outcome of each round is completely random.

Bonuses And Jackpots

Greatest Cards Show Live Bonus Eng - partycasino

First up is the 'Spotlight' bonus mode, which can be triggered if a card with a silver border is selected. Should players have an active bet on the associated number and suit, they will be able to participate in this round. Three different multipliers will be shown on the stage before the chosen card walks toward one of them. The selected multiplier will be applied to the stake size and awarded to the player. As the description suggests, no input is required from the player.

Next is the 'Light Show' bonus, activated when an outcome with a golden border appears. If players have an active bet, they can pick between a blue, yellow, or green light bulb. Each of these colours will have its own corresponding rounds, with a blue, yellow, and green light beam moving around the board, which will contain different multipliers. The potential winnings will depend on whether the light beam lands. After the round is complete, the stake size will be multiplied by the chosen value and awarded to the player.

The third bonus is known as 'The Jokers Bonus', which can activate if the wheel stops on any of the two joker sections. Of course, players must have a bet on this section in order to qualify for the bonus. At the start of this round, there will be a total of four jokers, represented by different suits and colours. Additional jokers can multiply the potential winnings associated with each. The second joker will add 2x, the third will add 4x, and the fourth will add 8x. If any more appear, they will add a further 2x each.

Players must then choose a suit before they all battle one at a time. In total, there are 3 'duel' rounds, with two suits participating each time. The two jokers will juggle, and the one that drops the ball first will lose the round. In the last round, the two victorious suits from the previous duels will fight it out to become the victor, which is decided by the joker that pulls a rabbit out of the hat first. The victorious suit from this round will be awarded the 1st place prize, with the loser being awarded the 2nd place prize. Finally, the other two suits will be awarded with the 3rd place prize.

Play The Greatest Cards Show Live at PartyCasino

In conclusion, The Greatest Cards Show Live is an innovative game that is loaded with different bonus modes. It plays in a similar way to standard roulette, making it relatively simple yet still highly entertaining. Playtech has also selected capable hosts that are friendly and interactive! 

Is The Greatest Cards Show Live available to play at PartyCasino?

Yes, The Greatest Cards Show Live and other popular live casino games can be found at PartyCasino.

Who created The Greatest Cards Show Live game?

The Greatest Cards Show Live was produced by Playtech.

How do players unlock the bonus mode in The Greatest Cards Show Live?

Having an active bet on the joker section when it is selected will trigger the main bonus mode in The Greatest Cards Show Live.
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