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Spin A Win Live

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  • Software: Playtech
  • Progressive Jackpot: no

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While many of us can get ourselves into a bit of a spin, Playtech has taken the ‘spin’ part quite literally and turned it into a positive by releasing Live Spin A Win. This is the latest in the fast-growing list of live dealer casino games, and, as the name suggests, there’s a spinning wheel that can land on a pocket with the ability to change your life for the better. There’s undoubtedly cash prizes a calling here, and while the many pockets might give the impression of a jackpot wheel where things can be hard to come by, it’s actually more a feeling of roulette once playing.

Spin A Win Live - partycasino

Playtech has really been going all out with their live casino games over the last year in a bid to rival Evolution Gaming. Some of the more high-profile releases lately include God of Storms Live and Football Scratch, and while neither quite hit the heights of some Evolution Gaming titles, they definitely created a case to be played.

With Live Spin A Win, you’ll be placed in front of a live dealer standing next to a wheel. Just a reminder, this is a live casino game, so you'll be looking at a real dealer standing amongst actual casino equipment with the feed live-streamed to your device screen. The wheel in Live Spin A Win is made up of 53 pockets; the number 1 appears in twenty-three pockets, 2 in fifteen pockets, 5 in seven pockets, 10 in three pockets, 20 in two pockets and 40 in one pocket. There are two more pockets, with one having a 2x multiplier and the other a 7x multiplier.

How To Play

Just as in a game of roulette, you’ll need to select which pocket you think your spin will land on. The returns of what number are as follows:

  • 1 – 1:1
  • 2 – 2:1
  • 5 – 5:1
  • 10 – 10:1
  • 20 – 20:1
  • 40 – 40:1

Once you've decided which number you think the wheel will come to land on, then simply place your wager.

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You’ll notice that if you manage to land the wheel on either the 7x or 2x multiplier, the wheel will undergo a respin. However, if that respin results in a win, then the multiplier amount that triggered the respin is applied to your winning amount.

Another aspect of Live Spin A Win that reminds us a little of roulette is that you don't actually have to bet on numbers on the wheel but rather place side-bets. The side bet options that you can place consist of betting on the wheel coming to rest on an even number, an odd number or one of the two multiplier pockets. There are 30 odd numbers, so the odds of landing an odd number are 0.75, while there are 21 even numbers giving even numbers odds of 1.25. Landing one of the multiplier pockets gives odds of 25:1.

For the eager iGamers out there, you'll be able to place bets on the main game of the actual numbers as well as side bets at the same time.

What To Look Out For

When it comes to added value, there aren't any bonus features that have actually been applied, so it all comes down to the choices you make while playing Live Spin A Win.

Spin A Win Livebet - partycasino

The wheel spins around every 18 seconds, so while you haven’t got eons to select what bet you want to place, there isn't a plethora of betting options, which in that regard makes it a little less convoluted than roulette.

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When it comes to iGaming, players will always be attracted to online casino games that have odds of 1:1, and out of the 53 pockets, 23 have even odds. This means that the ability is there to chip away and end up sitting with a healthy pot of winnings. Of course, this exists in roulette; however, in Live Spin A Win, you get the respin off the two multiplier pockets. It’s time to go face-to-face with a dealer and spin yourself to glory.