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Speed Roulette Live Game Review

Playing Roulette at some live casino tables can be slow, with lots of time being allocated between each round. This is an issue that Evolution Gaming tried to address with the creation of Speed Roulette. For players that want to lay their bets and jump straight into the action, this game is a popular choice! 

Speed Roulette Evolution - partycasino

When compared to other games by Evolution Gaming, such as Mega Ball and Infinite Blackjack, there is significantly more playing time. This has been achieved by removing specific periods of time that are not essential to the gaming experience. For example, betting time is reduced slightly. 

New technology is also used so that the game doesn’t have to wait to receive the winning result. As soon as the ball lands in the relevant sector and stays there, any lucky winners are awarded their potential winnings instantly. Overall, this makes Speed Roulette twice as fast as top alternatives! 

It’s important to mention that although the game is faster, Evolution hasn't sacrificed any popular mechanics or features. For example, players can still choose for rounds to be played automatically, according to their preferences. Each user also has the option to save specific betting layouts for ultimate convenience.

The minimum bet size within Speed Roulette is 1.00 per spin, with the maximum potential win sitting at 36x. In terms of RTP, this game sits at 97.30%. This return to player rate covers the game as a whole, regardless of the bets placed by punters.

Finally, this version of Roulette is based on the European variant. The main difference between this and the American variant is the number of zeros in play. Only one is featured in the European style of Roulette, while two are present in the American alternative.

Featured Symbols

Speed Roulette Live - partycasino

There aren't too many symbols when it comes to Roulette. In total, there are 37 possible outcomes, due to this game following the European variation. The wheel is where most of the action goes down, with the roulette ball tumbling and pinging across each segment before landing in a specific number. Some players will have different betting patterns, while others simply prefer to place random bets.  

Of course, there are other bets within Roulette, but most focus on the number itself. One wager that ignores the norm in this regard, is red or black. While some players may think that this is a 50/50 bet, the green zero should also be taken into consideration. 

Bonuses And Jackpots

Sadly, there is no bonus mode or jackpots to speak of when it comes to Speed Roulette. The main difference between this game and other variations of Roulette, as mentioned earlier, is the time that each round takes. However, with entertaining live dealers and the latest technology, many punters agree that Speed Roulette is one of their favourite ways to play.

Play Speed Roulette At PartyCasino

Waiting around for an extensive period of time is a thing of the past, thanks to Speed Roulette. It's clear that Evolution Gaming have put an immense amount of thought into this live casino game. They've managed to successfully cut down the time between each round, without sacrificing the overall player experience. Speed Roulette is also hosted by a highly-interactive dealer.

Is Speed Roulette available to play at PartyCasino?

Yes, Speed Roulette and many other live casino games can be found at PartyCasino

Who made the Speed Roulette live casino game?

Speed Roulette was produced by Evolution Gaming.

How do players unlock the bonus mode within Speed Roulette?

Sadly, there is no bonus mode to speak of within Speed Roulette.
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