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10 of the Best Blackjack Strategies

10 of the Best Blackjack Strategies

10 of the Best Blackjack Strategies

One of the main reasons that blackjack stands out from the crowd of other casino table games, is that the house edge can be greatly influenced by the actions of each player. For example, in some scenarios, if the player hits, they will be facing a higher advantage in favour of the casino, as opposed to someone who decided to stand. 

Naturally, this has led to a handful of blackjack strategies being created, some of which are more effective than others. In this article, we delve deep and share an overview of 10 of the best blackjack strategies for both land-based and online blackjack tables! 

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Why Should Players Use Blackjack Strategies?

Arguably, the biggest reason for using a blackjack strategy is to decrease the house edge. While the return to player rate is typically much better with blackjack than slot machines, for example, using a strategy can improve this even more.  

This can be beneficial in many ways, including the player allowing their funds to go further over time, while also increasing their chances of a successful session overall. Keep in mind, however, that no strategy guarantees a win, regardless of how far it decreases the house edge.

The Top 10 Best Blackjack Strategies

Now, without further ado, let's jump into the 10 best blackjack strategies that players can consider implementing into their game! 

Strategy #1: Card Counting

Hold up, isn't card counting illegal? This is a common myth that is far from the truth. In reality, people who count cards use the same information that is available to everyone else at the table. Card counting works by keeping track of the ratio of high cards to low cards in the deck, while also understanding that: 

  • Higher cards benefit the player 
  • Lower cards benefit the house 

This means that counters can adjust their bet size and make decisions according to the cards remaining in the deck. For example, if there are a lot of high cards remaining and the dealer is showing a 7 against the players' 16, they may decide to hit instead of stand.  

If done perfectly, card counting is the only strategy that can swing the house edge in favour of the player. With that being said, it can be tough to learn and even harder to master! 

Strategy #2: Basic Strategy

Next up is basic strategy, which can reduce the blackjack house edge from 2.00% to roughly 0.50% if followed correctly. It's shown on a chart and players can simply find their hand total on the left, alongside the dealers' face up card at the top. Where these two columns meet will be the optimal decision for the current scenario! 

Blackjack basic strategy isn't just a guess, it's known as the 'correct' way to play the game from a house edge perspective. It was created by simulating millions of different blackjack hands and keeping track of the success rate for each decision. Here at PartyCasino, we have Blackjack Basic Strategy Guides and much more about the strategy, should you wish to learn more! 

Strategy #3: Bankroll Management

Bankroll management through a blackjack session can be crucial. To effectively do this, players should start by setting aside their bankroll at the start of a session. This can then be divided by a number, such as 20, 50 or 100, in order to find the recommended bet size per hand. 

Strategy #4: Always Double on 11

This is a rather simple part of basic strategy, which involves always doubling down if you have a total of eleven in your hand. There is one situation where this is not advised and as many would expect, this is when the dealer has an ace. 

Strategy #5: Always Split Eights

Another key part of basic strategy is to split eights, even if the dealer is showing an ace. Again, this is all based on probability and as 16 is perhaps the worst scenario a player can face in blackjack, splitting the hand has a high probability of creating two hands that are in better shape. 

Strategy #6: Test out Different Game Variations

Testing out different blackjack variations can help players find something that matches their preferences. You can do this by simply reading the rules of each game, using a demo version, or placing a small wager. A few types of blackjack to consider include: 

  • Lightning Blackjack - This variation comes with multipliers assigned to different hand values. 
  • Blackjack Fortune Spinner - Players may get the chance to spin a wheel to reveal a multiplier for the round. 
  • Mega Fire Blaze Blackjack - With Mega Fire Blaze Blackjack, players can wager on a unique bonus mode, if they wish. 

Strategy #7: Use Favourable Bonus Offers

For players who are looking to make their funds go further, a bonus offer could be the way to go. Here at PartyCasino, we have a range of promotions that are valid on an assortment of blackjack tables, with fresh offers being added on a regular basis.  

When accepting any bonus, be sure to read the terms and conditions, as wagering requirements will often apply! 

Strategy #8: Avoid Insurance Bets

Most of the time, the insurance bet offered to players has a much higher house edge than the game itself. The only way that a player can determine whether or not insurance is favourable is to count cards. For anyone following a basic strategy or playing their own way, insurance is perhaps best avoided.

Strategy #9: Check the Blackjack Payout Rates

Did you know that some variations of blackjack will offer different payout rates to players? While most tables will award at the rate of 3 to 2 for a blackjack, there are some that are now advertising 6 to 5. This ratio might look better; however, the traditional 3 to 2 awards more.  

  • 6 to 5 - Should you bet 5.00 and get dealt a blackjack, you will be awarded with 11.00 in total. The initial 5.00 and 6.00 for the blackjack. 
  • 3 to 2 - A 5.00 bet on this will award 12.50, should players be dealt a blackjack. This includes the initial 5.00 stake, plus 7.50 for the blackjack. 

It might seem like a small difference, but it can certainly add up over time, so checking this payout rate in advance is recommended. 

Strategy #10: Keep Things Fun at all Times

We decided to save the most important strategy for last, which is to always keep things fun when playing. Perhaps the most straightforward way of doing this is to set a limit in advance of any blackjack session and stick to it.  

Here at PartyCasino, we take responsible gambling very seriously and offer a range of tools to keep players safe, such as deposit limits and reality checks, amongst others! 

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Do Blackjack Strategies Work Online?

Most of the blackjack strategies mentioned above will work in an identical way online. The one exception to this rule is card counting, as online blackjack tables will randomly shuffle the cards before each hand. Due to this, players cannot keep track of the cards left in the deck, as each hand is completely random. 

Of course, there are some strategies for blackjack that actually work better online. These include the likes of:  

  • Checking The Blackjack Payout Rates - This can be done easily online by simply checking the 'Information' tab of the game once it loads. For some variations of live blackjack online, it will even be displayed next to the dealer or on the betting area itself. 

  • Using Favourable Bonus Offers - Bonuses are much easier to find online, with PartyCasino having a dedicated page to display all of our promotions. These are updated regularly, so be sure to check back for our latest offers! 
  • Basic Strategy - Don't want to bring your basic strategy chart into a land-based casino? Use it when playing online, so simply open the chart in another tab on your chosen device. 

  • Staying Safe While Playing - As mentioned earlier, PartyCasino have a range of responsible gambling tools that can help to keep players in control while at the blackjack tables.


To summarise, the best strategies for blackjack revolve around two different things. They either increase the levels of entertainment offered to players or reduce the house edge at the corresponding blackjack table. 

When it comes to reducing the house edge, card counting is by far the most effective blackjack strategy. However, it does require a lot of time to learn. For those who want to decrease the house edge almost immediately, following a basic strategy blackjack chart could be the way to go. As for blackjack tips that offer more entertainment, playing unique variations could be the main point of consideration. 

When it comes to blackjack bonuses and variations, PartyCasino has got you covered. Players can find hundreds of different tables in our catalogue, including unique titles such as Lightning Blackjack and Mega Fire Blaze Blackjack, amongst others. We also have a variety of bonus offers that are updated on a regular basis. Regardless of which blackjack strategy you opt for, make sure to always gamble responsibly and stay in control at the table!