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Super Heroes from Yggdrasil Gaming is another level of slots game. Yggdrasil games are renowned for raising the bar, and they are arguably amongst some of the highest quality slots games you will ever play. The graphics are phenomenal, with animations that bring the game’s theme to life. In the case of Super Heroes, it’s the collection of monsters and aliens that make up the reels, and the Super Heroes themselves who appear to welcome bigger wins. The whole game has a veneer of quality to it, making it highly playable.

Added to that, there are a huge range of features built into the game, helping keep things exciting as you play through. With spins ranging from 25p, and up to 1000x available from the in game jackpot, it’s not too shabby a payer, either.

The payout percentage is pretty robust, sitting at 96%. It’s usually considered that anything above 95% is in the top tier of slots games by payout, meaning more money in your pocket over the long haul. That’s backed up by regular wins and payouts, although there can be dry spells every now and then.

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The Super Heroes theme is quite lightly worn, and you can tell that this is a more stripped down version of other Yggdrasil games, That’s not to say it isn’t good fun, though, and there are still more than enough added extras to make you want to play it again – whether you’re winning or losing.

The majority of the reels are made up of superhero villains, alongside what are effectively high card symbols – albeit with the full superhero treatment. The heroes themselves only make an appearance during free spins bonuses, where they award wilds and multipliers across the board – good news for your wins whenever this happens.

All in all, this is an enjoyable slot with decent payouts that you’ll probably play more than once. If that isn’t enough to convince you of why you should give it a try, perhaps the range of special symbols and bonus features will sweeten the deal.

Special Symbols

For starters, the reels don’t actually feature any super heroes. This may sound a bit strange at first when you consider the title and theme of the game, but the reels are instead occupied by various evil looking creatures, the ‘baddies’ that the titular superheroes will eventually come and smash to the benefit of your bankroll.

Aside from these and the other basic value symbols, there are several key feature symbols that come along from time to time.

The Free Spins Symbol: No surprises here, this symbol triggers your free spins bonus round. You need to line up three or more of these across the reels to trigger the bonus feature, and while they don’t come around too often, it is worth the wait. Three of these symbols equates to 4 free spins, four of these symbols delivers a 5 free spin bonus, and 5 of these symbols on your reels means you’re in line to benefit from a whopping 7 free spins.

free spins

But the free spins also have another function – activating ‘Hero Mode’, from which the game takes its name. After every free spin has concluded, two superheroes burst onto the screen, one from the left and one from the right. They work in tandem to replace symbols with wilds, multipliers, and other features, depending on your game level, designed to give you a winning edge.

The superheroes provide a combination of Mystery Wins, Wild Reels, Random Wilds, Random Symbols and Multipliers, all designed to make your free spins as high paying as possible.

The heroes can also appear from time to time in the main game to give you a helping hand. While their impact depends on what stage you’re at in the game, it’s always good news for your bankroll when the heroes appear.

Wild Symbol: As if that wasn’t enough, there’s also the standard wild symbol in the game, which helps complete missing paylines in the usual way. Look out for these on your reels – they’ll switch in for anything you’re missing with the exception of the Free Spins symbol.


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Super Heroes is something a bit different, and it’s certainly an innovative slot that will hold immense appeal for fans of comic book heroes and villains. It’s also a great payer too, and the potential for big wins is definitely there, whether you’re spinning once or twice or you’re in it for the long haul, this is one slot you’re sure to enjoy. Check it out for yourself, right here at PartyCasino.

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