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Atlantis Power Combo

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Atlantis Power Combo Slot Review

Plunging into the realm of online slots, Infinity Dragon Studios presents Atlantis Power Combo, a title that heralds the enigmas of the deep. The provider has skirted the trope of trotting out the lost city's spires and pillars; instead, it invokes the deities and denizens of the ocean's abyss, each connected by lore to Atlantis's fabled grandeur.

Atlantis Power Combo Slot - partycasino

This slot doesn't just spin reels; it spins tales of wealth submerged and deities enshrined in the marine crypts. The imagery does not brandish the clichéd ruins but opts for a gallery of oceanic gods and storied figures, cast in a palette of deep sea blues and sunken golds, suggesting the treasures that lie hidden in the watery shadows of Atlantis.

With 40 paylines, Atlantis Power Combo provides a grid as wide as the ocean itself. Each line is a current guiding players through this submerged saga, offering chances to unearth riches with every spin. The game doesn’t merely promise a dive into the azure depths; it offers a voyage across a sea brimming with forgotten myths. So, what are we waiting for, let’s dive in!

Feature Symbols

Atlantis Power Combo Featured Symbols - partycasino

Wild symbols are the tridents in the players' arsenal, pivotal in both the base game and crucial bonus rounds. In a realm where they nudge into full view on an expanded grid, these wilds are capable of unlocking multipliers and jackpot bonuses.

On the reels, the baseline of the sea is represented by the stately Poseidon, the graceful Amphitrite, and the notorious Davy Jones, each a higher-paying symbol. They are flanked by a shark, an octopus, and a sea lion, all contributing to the higher payouts.

In contrast, the lower dominion of this underwater kingdom is represented by the familiar 9 through Ace of poker cards, symbols, promising frequent, though modest, bounty.

Bonuses and Jackpots

Atlantis Power Combo Bonus - partycasino

The Red Scatter ushers in the Nudging Wilds Free Spins, where the grid expands to 5x7 and boasts 100 paylines. During this round, wilds that land are compelled to nudge into place, covering entire reels, and ensuring at least one nudging wild per spin. Additional red scatters mean extra spins, prolonging the treasure hunt.

The Yellow Scatter unveils the Prize Collection FS, potentially giving ten free spins where coin symbols could translate into instant prizes between 1x to 10x the stake. Collecting the right letters can spell out 'jackpot,' leading to hefty wins ranging from 25x to the staggering 10,000x the stake.

Green Scatter triggers the Win Multiplier FS round, granting five free spins with a random win multiplier up to x10 applied to line wins, and additional scatters here also add extra spins.

Should fate align and two scatters meet, they blend their powers: Red and Green for Nudging Wilds with Multipliers; Red and Yellow for Nudging Wilds with Jackpot Prizes; Green and Yellow for Jackpot Prizes with Multipliers. If all three scatters converge, the player is granted ten free spins where Nudging Wilds, Jackpot Prizes, and Win Multipliers coalesce, crafting a crescendo of underwater fortune.

Play Atlantis Power Combo at PartyCasino

Atlantis Power Combo may look like just another slot game, but in truth, it's so much more. The slot is a mythological quest beneath the waves. Its standout feature, the colour-coded scatter system, unlocks a treasure trove of bonus rounds, inviting players not just to spin but to unravel the mysteries of Atlantis. Each scatter is a key, each spin a step closer to the city's concealed riches. It's here that the enigma of Atlantis's power is not just found but felt, through a gameplay experience as deep and captivating as the legend itself. And if you enjoy this, there are other "Atlantis" themes slots to try like Atlantis Gold, Rise of Atlantis and Atlantis Megaways, to name a few. Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Atlantis Power Combo available to play at PartyCasino?

Yes, Atlantis Power Combo is currently available to play at PartyCasino.

Which software provider is responsible for the Atlantis Power Combo slot?

The Atlantis Power Combo slot is a creation of Infinity Dragon Studios, known for crafting engaging slot experiences with distinctive themes.

How do players activate the colour-coded scatter system in Atlantis Power Combo?

Players can unlock the main bonus mode in Atlantis Power Combo by collecting scatter symbols. The bonus round triggers randomly when at least one scatter symbol is collected, with the type of feature activated depending on the colour of the triggering scatter.