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Review of Yggdrasil Gaming

In a sector that has come to be dominated by just a handful of companies, it takes something a bit special to break through. That’s exactly what has happened at Yggdrasil Gaming over the last few years, with the boutique development company rising through the ranks to deliver some of the most impressive slots games ever to hit the market.

Designed with stunning graphics worthy of a Hollywood animation blockbuster, intelligent game features that go way beyond the standard slots structure, and strong game fundamentals like RTP and jackpots, Yggdrasil Gaming has put together a package that is winning fans amongst players and industry experts alike.

Top 5 Yggdrasil Games

jungle books slotJungle Books: Based on the Rudyard Kipling classic, and styled in a similar way to the various animated films of the story, Jungle Books is simply one of the best slots to have been made in recent years. The game graphics are stunning, and each of the characters is drawn in agonising detail. The game reels shift around as the game moves through different realms, and different characters introduce their own bonus features and added extras. This keeps the game feeling fresh, even after hundreds of spins, and is in no doubt a big part of why so many slots players keep coming back for more.

beauty and the beast slotBeauty and the Beast: Another classic story adaptation, which has been given a similar treatment to Jungle Books. It looks incredible, and with the recent Beauty and the Beast blockbuster remake, it feels like good timing for this slot to rise to popularity. The servant bonuses are based around three different characters, and you can often choose one or multiple of these bonus characters to have an impact on the reels at any given time. Beneath the superficial quality, this is a strong slot with decent win potential – the best of all worlds.

spina colada online slotSpina Colada: Entirely different and altogether more basic, Spina Colada is proof that Yggdrasil can do the basics well, without the need for a big storyline or complex animations. That’s not to say Spina Colada isn’t a great game – in fact, it’s quite to the contrary. It’s just that you won’t find the same complexity here – just a solid slots game that does exactly what you want it to do. There are some 4 different bonus features built in to the game, and with an RTP topping 96.3%, plenty of scope for big wins.

Super Heroes: Super Heroes is a more original concept from Yggdrasil, but it combines the best elements of Jungle Books and Beauty and the Beast, alongside its own unique features. Styled as an epic battle between good and evil, various super heroes emerge throughout the game to battle it out, helping you with the reels as they go. The super hero features deliver a number of different bonuses, including extra wilds, up to 50x instant wins, and free spin bonuses that can help you build clear blue sky with your bankroll. There’s also a decent enough jackpot here, too – 1,000x.

Vikings Go Wild: One of the game titles that put Yggdrasil on the map, Vikings Go Wild is a Norse-themed slot, in keeping with some of the other hugely popular slots games of this ilk. Sticky wilds, free spin bonuses and in-built multipliers give this game its kick, and makes Vikings Go Wild a slot that stands out from the crowd. The graphics and design are a little more basic than Yggdrasil’s latest offerings, but they’re still incredibly impressive, and more than enough of a rival to other games in the genre.

Best Features of Yggdrasil Games

The best feature of Yggdrasil Games on balance is the visuals. These are stunning games, and that sets the tone for everything else about them. Yggdrasil can draw on the talents of some of the most skilled creatives in the world, from character artists to animators to game mathematicians, from concept to execution.

The result is games that look and operate much better than the standard, and it would be fair to say Yggdrasil upped the bar. Since coming onto the scene, other games developers have tried to emulate the Yggdrasil experience. While this means a lot of new games are much better visually and gameplay-wise, it is still clear that Yggdrasil is at the forefront of this new wave.

Company Story

Yggdrasil Gaming achieved their first licence as recently as 2013, and only began making serious waves in the industry from 2015. For such a new entrant to this highly competitive market, it’s impressive to say the least that they have managed to gain such a foothold. You will now find Yggdrasil Games amongst the more popular titles at online casinos, and amongst the most engaging slots games in the catalogue.

In its short history, Yggdrasil has already won numerous awards, including Slots Provider of the Year 2017, Innovator of the Year 2017, and Slots Provider of the Year 2016.

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