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Snakes and Ladders Game Changer

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Snakes and Ladders Game Changer Slot Review

Climb up the ladders and slide down the snakes; everyone knows how to play Snakes and Ladders, right? Realistic Games have taken the famous board classic and given it a shake-up with Snakes and Ladders Game Changer. This online slot is fresh and exciting, with the game being packed full of prizes and features. You could win up to x5000 from a game that offers up to a billion different board combinations!

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Snakes and Ladders Game Changer is part of the Game Changer series created by Realistic Games. Starting with the inaugural Game Changer and then adding more to the series in 2021, Realistic has developed a concept that delivers lots of features in a unique format. And although the word may often be overused, special is exactly what you’ll get as the game board will vary every time you play with as many as one billion combinations available in Snakes and Ladders. The Game Changer series of slots are designed to be very different from your usual slots experience. Taking a retro theme and adding innovative twists, Realistic is able to offer a brand new style of slot play. If you’ve enjoyed playing the best of Monopoly slots online at PartyCasino, maybe it’s time to turn your attention to a different old-school board game?

Available from the end of March 2021, Snakes and Ladders Game Changer has five reels and incorporates 20 paylines. At this point, the slot looks like any other, but as you start to play, you’ll begin to unlock the different bonuses and prize features – but more about that below. It’s got a high level of volatility, but it’s not ideally suited to high rollers. This is because the betting range starts at 0.05 and only goes up to 20.00, creating a relatively modest max bet. If you prefer games with big jackpot payouts and large stakes, you can discover all the best titles online at PartyCasino.

Feature Symbols

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Look more closely at the reels, and you’ll see they are surrounded by the game board. The theme of the game is where you’d be most likely to find a snake, with jungle animals and plants all around. You’ll be rolling your dice to move around the board, but there are still symbols on the board which need to be matched to gain access to the bonus.

Monkeys, toucans, coconuts, pineapples, avocado and dice all appear on the reels. There’s a wild too, which makes it easier to match up a line.

Bonuses and Jackpots

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Snakes and Ladders Game Changer is a hugely complex slot. There are four mini-games, plus the main Snakes and Ladders board as well as the reels, so before you start to play, you’ll need to read the rules. If you’re a seasoned slots player, you’ll rarely need to do this but trust us, with this game, it’s essential.

When you’re in the bonus round, you’ll have dice to roll to advance through the spaces, just like the traditional board game. You get prizes depending on where you land, but you can lose lives too. With a total of 400 squares on the board and hazards like snake eyes, it’s a thrilling chase of win or lose. Pick Me prizes, multipliers, and much more are up for grabs in bonus rounds, including a Loot Ladder, Squirrel Monkey bonus, and Toco Toucan bonus. If you’re in luck, you might reach the multilevel bonus pot round, where you could ramp up your winning potential.

Play Snakes and Ladders Game Changer Slot at PartyCasino

It’s not possible to do justice to Snakes and Ladders Game Changer in any slot review. The concept is so complex; it’s almost more of a hybrid than simply a slot. With lots of features and different elements to the gameplay, this isn’t one for beginners. However, if you’ve been a bit bored with the same style of slot play, this title from Realistic Games will unquestionably shake things up! Give yourself a bit of time to read up on all the features, and you could find yourself thoroughly entertained by this fresh take on slots.