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Monopoly Casino Slots

If you played board games as a child, you may have memories of the family crowded around the Monopoly board arguing who could build the most houses on their properties. Collecting £200 as you passed GO, avoiding jail and gathering the iconic green houses held an appeal that never seemed to wear off.

Created in 1904, Monopoly is more than a century old but still attracts players young and old. In fact, the game is still so sought-after that it’s often re-issued in various formats to match contemporary movies. It’s not just confined to the traditional board game either; there’s a thriving community of Monopoly casino players online. With numerous titles available including Monopoly Live, there’s everything that a Monopoly fan could ever want – along with the chance to win real money from playing slots.

So how exactly do Monopoly casino slots work? Here’s a look atfour of the top titles.

Monopoly Electric Wins

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A brightly coloured and neon design, Monopoly Electric Wins from SG Digital offers a wonderful hybrid mix of authentic Monopoly play and slots. You’ll have dice to roll, a board to move around and even the classic Community Chest and Chance cards.

In the centre of the board are the reels, and here’s where the game differs. These will spin on each turn, giving you the chance to win cashor access special features.

A genuinely innovative slot, it truly pays homage to its original Monopoly roots while adding in a few extratwists and turns.

Monopoly Megaways

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This version of Monopoly feels much more like a slot, with the reels spinning on each turn and the results sending Mr Monopoly skidding around the game board. It’s the original Monopoly board, so you’ll instantly recognise the colours and the design; it’s just a shame you can onlyview a small snippet of the board at a time.

The squares that Mr Monopoly lands on influence the reels, with extras and bonus rounds up for grabs. Courtesy of the megaways slots mechanism, there are 117,649 ways to win. You might not be collecting £200 every time you pass GO, but there are plenty of other ways to get cash in this mash-up.

Monopoly Big Event

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A joint project between Barcrest and WMS, Monopoly Big Event is a slot with five reels, 20 paylines and a magnificent RTP which can reach as much as 99%. Mr Monopoly has a strong presence, and you’ll immediatelynotice the playing pieces such as the iconic silver racing car and the dog.

In truth, however, this feels much more like a slot with a Monopoly branded theme rather than playing Monopoly itself. Some of the bonus rounds include Community Chest cards and Chance, but you won’t be movingaround a board, investing in property or passing GO. A fun branded slot for casino-lovers, but if you were hoping for more of a board game hybrid, you’d be disappointed.

Monopoly Bring the House Down

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Another Monopoly slot from Barcrest, Monopoly Bring the House Down is much more closely linked to the board game despite having strong slot play. The board is visible at all times in the background, and although play focuses on spinning the reels, there are many original features that appear. Green houses act as the wild, and if you’re lucky, while you’re in the Hot Zone, they can turn red and transform into a hotel.

Community Chest and Chance cards appear in the extra features and provide additional chances to reveal a hidden Hot Zone. The Monopoly game logo acts as a scatter, providing free spins and freezing houses and hotels on the reels.


There are many other Monopoly slots available to play such as Super Monopoly money and Epic Monopoly, and over time, more are sure to follow. It’s possible to split the slot machines into two distinct groups: those that put the board game front and centre and those that skilfully weaveauthentic Monopoly design features into a slot game.

Both types of game are fun, but what you choose will depend on personal preference. If you’re looking for more than just a themed slot, a game such as Monopoly Electric Wins is hard to beat. For slots with fun design and features, Monopoly Bring the House Down is fantastic fun.

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