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Slingo Britain's Got Talent

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Slingo Britain's Got Talent Slot Review

The popular TV show has been immortalised in this game of chance. Slingo Britain's Got Talent allows players to enjoy the hybrid of bingo and online slots without the fear of any judging panel! The game itself is relatively fast-paced, with the option for players to slow down gameplay whenever they wish. A button needs to be clicked between each spin, alongside the potential for players to mark off numbers manually.

Slingo Britains Got Talent En Slot - partycasino

When getting started with Slingo Britain's Got Talent, players should first select their stake size, which can be anywhere between 0.50 and 1.00 per round. From here, players can click the start button to play the first of 11 spins. Different symbols will be shown on the bottom reel, with any matching numbers being crossed off the card.

If a line of numbers match, players will move up the table located to the left of the main board. If all 25 numbers are crossed off, the maximum potential win is awarded, which sits at 200x the stake size. Interestingly, even one Slingo can potentially award players with winnings.

This game was produced by Slingo Originals, who have an impressive array of games within their portfolio. They have created a large variety of online slots and Slingo games in the past, including titles such as Slingo Deal Or No Deal, Mad Scatters Tea Party, and Slingo Showdown. 

Featured Symbols

Slingo Britains Got Talent Featured Symbols - partycasino

The main thing that players will be looking out for is the various numbers that will appear on the reel at the bottom of the screen. However, these are not the only symbols that might be encountered, with wilds, super wilds, devils, free spin icons, and coin symbols all making an appearance. For those that have played a range of different Slingo variations, these symbols might be familiar.

First up are the two wilds, standard and super, which are shown as jesters with red and green hats, respectively. Should either of these two appear on the main reel, players will have to manually select the number they'd like to cross off. Regular wilds mean that any number on the same reel can be crossed off, while super wilds allow any number on the board to be marked.

Devil symbols are blockers, meaning that they take up space on the reel with no other function. Free spins award an additional play, which is shown as another ball entering the machine on the right. Finally, coins are linked to the bonus within Slingo Britain's Got Talent, with more details explained below.

Bonuses And Jackpots

Slingo Britains Got Talent Bonus - partycasino

As previously mentioned, the coin symbol is the bonus symbol within Slingo Britain's Got Talent and can award players with an instant prize. The same is true if three or more wild symbols enter the reel at the bottom of the screen. This can be 3+ standard wilds, super wilds, or a combination of the two. Like with most online slots, the more wilds that land, the greater the potential prize. 

Play Slingo Britain's Got Talent

With classic Slingo gameplay and an instant-win mechanic within Slingo Britain's Got Talent, the stage truly is set! Of course, it could also be popular with avid fans of the original television show, which airs every year.

How to Play Slingo Britain's Got Talent?

Guide to play Slingo Britain's Got Talent.
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Select Slingo Britain's Got Talent
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Select the Slingo Britain's Got Talent from the game menu.
Place Your Bet
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Select and place your bet size according to your budget.
Watch the Reels Spin
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Spin the reels and if you are lucky you will hit a bonus!

Is Slingo Britain's Got Talent available to play at PartyCasino?

Yes, Slingo Britain's Got Talent and many other popular games are available to play at PartyCasino.

Who made Slingo Britain's Got Talent?

Slingo Britain's Got Talent was produced by Slingo Originals.

How do players unlock the bonus mode within Slingo Britain's Got Talent?

There is no free spins or bonus mode specifically within Slingo Britain's Got Talent. However, landing a coin or 3+ wild symbols will award an instant prize.