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Every now and then a game is released into the online casino industry that fascinates not only the players, but the casinos themselves. Slingo Deal or no Deal is one such game. It is sure to divide opinion as it is anything but a conventional online slot. However, it has come to the attention of PartyCasino and we’ll take you through what is probably one of the most bizarre casino games we’ve reviewed in quite some time.

Let’s first clarify a few things. Slingo Deal or no Deal isn’t really an online slot. It has a combination of slot and bingo characteristics, hence the amalgamation of the word Slingo. Another misleading factor is the Deal or no Deal aspect. Players reading this review might be expecting a game using all the gambling methods made famous by the game show of same name, hosted by Noel Edmonds. While there are a few of these incorporated into the game it really is just a bingo game with a few slot features.

When looking at the “reels” you’ll see a 5×5 grid containing numbered boxes. On either side of the grid are £ values that fall away as the game progresses, but don’t actually serve any purpose. Each wager you make consists of 10 “spins”. The object is to remove as many boxes on the reels as possible to potentially make payline payments. Once a line is completely removed of boxes you’ll need to remove more lines to get to 4 lines. Here the dealer will offer a cash deal, obviously higher than your wager, or you can keep playing. If anyone manages to remove all the boxes on the reels it will mean a 20x payout.

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Slingo is a casino as well as a software studio that is famous for these style efforts, and they have adapted it to mobile versions for player convenience. The RTP currently stands at 95%, which is a little lower than most of the newer traditional slots out there. Players might also find the minimum bet of £1 a little high, as minimum amounts usually start around £0.10. However, the maximum bet of £100 will certainly satisfy the high rollers giving Slingo Deal or no Deal a bash.

Feature Symbols

Unfortunately there isn’t much to be discussed in this section, as all the symbols are boxes containing a numerical value. As explained earlier, once you’ve removed a box from the reels it will be replaced by a star symbol.

To remove a box from the reels you’ll need to hit spin. A row that generates numbers lies below the reels, and if a number in that row correlates with a box above the box will be eliminated. In the row we speak of you’ll also notice joker symbols appearing which eliminate boxes. A devil symbol also appears that can eliminate more than 1 box.

Bonuses and Jackpots

Again, there isn’t really much to discuss. Slingo Deal or no Deal doesn’t make use of traditional bonus features, as it isn’t actually an online slot. The closest you’ll get to a bonus feature is the box you will be asked to choose before the round begins. As everyone will notice the numbers to the left and right of the reels fall away, and at the end of a round you can choose to take your earned winnings or choose the value in your mystery box.


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In all honesty this title can be a little frustrating. It takes quite a bit of time leaning the ropes and doesn’t seem overly generous when awarding payouts. Online slots players will probably find no joy is Slingo’s creation and rather stick to what they know. However, if there are players out there that love a game of bingo on the odd occasion, or perhaps even enjoyed Minesweeper in the early 90s, then Slingo Deal or no Deal could be just the game for you.

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