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Skrill casinos are now a staple of the UK online gambling scene with many of the best online casinos allowing their users to deposit money into their casino wallets via Skrill. But what is Skrill and what exactly is a Skrill casino? We answer all your FAQs on these types of casinos here.

Once you are set up with a Skrill account, you’ll be ready to play all our casino games including blackjack and slots right here at PartyCasino. 

What Is Skrill?

If you haveever used PayPal, you will already be familiar with the workings of Skrillbecause they are very similar. Skrill is an online wallet where you can store,send and receive different currencies. Your Skrill account can be linked toyour bank account so you can easily transfer money around when needed.

The evenbetter news is that Skrill is 100% free. You can own a Skrill account in justminutes by visiting the Skrill official website.

So, What Is a Skrill Casino?

A Skrill casino is any online casino that allows its members to deposit and withdraw money using Skrill. It should be noted that a Skrill casino is not a casino that only accepts Skrill payments, but one that accepts Skrill as well as other casino deposit methods like VISA, PayPal and even Bank Transfer. 

Players whoprefer to use Skrill look out for the purple and white logo on the casino site.If you want to know if an online casino is a Skrill casino, you can usuallyfind out by visiting their payment method page.

Benefits of using Skrill Casinos

The mainbenefit of using Skrill to deposit and withdraw money into a casino is itsspeed. It can be much quicker to use Skrill over VISA and other methods.Sometimes Skrill can be many days faster when withdrawing winnings. But thisisn’t’ all. Here are some other benefits of using a Skrill casino:

·  You can open a Skrill account forfree

·  Skrill is well-known and secure touse

·  Skrill casino deposits are speedy

·  Skrill withdrawals can be doneusually on the same day

·  Skrill casinos mostly offer highand low depositing limits (for all gamblers!)

·  Sometimes Skrill casino bonusesand promotions are available

Skrill Withdrawal Times

Imagine youjust won a lot of money and you want to celebrate with friends. Well, if youwithdraw to your bank account, it can take a snail-pace five working days. Mostof the time your withdrawal would be complete in 2-3 working days.

But Skrillwithdrawals are quicker and can reach your account on the same day. In fact,most Skrill withdrawals will hit your Skrill account in around four hours.

Skrill Casino Payment Limits

Skrillcasinos usually allow players to deposit small and large amounts. Why is thisimportant? Not all gamblers want to place big bets and not everyone wants toplace smaller bets. By making sure Skrill casinos allow both small and largedepositing limits, they appeal to all types of gamblers.

High rollersand low rollers can benefit from an online Skrill casino!

Are There Skrill Casino Promotions?

Sometimescasinos will want you to use Skrill to deposit because it may make it cheaperfor them too. You may find a bonus or promotion at Skrill casinos that give youfree spins, free bets or another bonus when depositing with your Skrillaccount. 

Keep youreyes peeled for Skrill casino bonuses because they won’t be around all thetime!

Are There Any Mobile Skrill Casinos?

You don’thave to use a desktop computer to access the best casino games. Online casinosin the UK have made their games available by designing websites that work onmobiles (as well as their games!) and some have even made a casino app that isfree to download and syncs with your desktop casino account. Some of thesecasinos are Skrill casinos, so that means you can play mobile Skrill casinoswhen on the move.

This is madeeven easier thanks to the Skrill mobile app, which enables you to manage yourfinances from your smartphone. Gambling on the bus, at work or in the bathtubis easy with a smartphone and a Skrill mobile casino.

Depositing and Withdrawing from a SkrillCasino

Depositingmoney from your Skrill account can be done almost instantly by simply selectingSkrill from the options on your casino’s depositing page. Using Skrill may evenhelp you avoid bank charges or other fees, making gambling online cheaper!

Withdrawalsare just as easy. When withdrawing from your casino wallet, click the Skrilloption to send winnings back to your Skrill account.

Skrill Casino FAQs

How to open a Skrill account?

Opening your Skrill account is completely free. You can open one by going to their site and entering your sign-up details.

Will a Skrill casino allow me to deposit in other ways?

Of course! A Skrill casino is just a nickname for a casino that enables Skrill transfers. But that doesn’t mean a Skrill casino doesn’t offer other depositing methods. The best UK casinos, like us at PartyCasino now offer plenty of ways to play.

What Skrill casino alternatives are available?

Other than Skrill casinos, you may want to try PayPal casinos or Neteller casinos as these also offer fast depositing and withdrawal benefits.

Do I have to withdraw to my Skrill account If I deposited with Skrill?

Yes, this is likely because online UK casinos want to avoid money laundering. However, if for some reason this will be difficult, you could explain your situation to the customer service agents of the Skrill casino you are using.

Is Skrill safe to use at licensed online casinos?

Yes, as long as you use a licensed UK casino like PartyCasino, using Skrill to play at that casino will be safe and fair.

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