Casino Deposit Methods -

Casino Deposit Methods

Casino depositing methods are essential for UK casino players because it enables them to enjoy all online casino games, including slots and roulette to name a few. With more ways to deposit money, UK online casino users can play casino games convenience and efficiency while remaining safe online.

That makes them important for online UK casinostoo. If players demand the best depositing methods, the best UK casinos shouldoffer multiple depositing methods to make playing casino games possible. Butnot all casino depositing methods are the same. Let’s take a look at what isavailable for UK online casino users.

1.   VISA Casinos


Depositing money into a casino wallet is oftendone with a VISA bank card linked to a UK bank account. This is one of the mostpopular methods because of its convenience (card numbers can be stores ononline casinos) and its speed. However, with your bank details stored on asite, it is not always judged to be the safest casino depositing method. Italso takes 3-5 working days to withdraw your winnings back to the VISA card.

The Benefits of VISA Casino Deposits

·   Popularchoice

·   Instantdeposits

·   Securedby your UK bank

·   Cardnumbers can be stored on your casino profile for efficiency

2.   PayPal Casinos


At PartyCasino you can make a casino deposit with PayPal. PayPal has over two billion users worldwide, making it one of the most popular ways to pay, send and receive funds online. It is also one of the favourite ways that UK casino users like to deposit money into their account. It is just as fast as VISA to deposit, sometimes judged to be more secure – and it makes casino withdrawals even quicker.

The Benefits of PayPal Casino Deposits

·   PayPalaccounts are free

·   PayPaloffers instant deposits

·   PayPalboasts a 24/7 security and fraud team

·   Withdrawalsare made the same day

3.   Skrill Casinos


Skrill is very similar to PayPal and just like with PayPal, you can also use Skrill to make a deposit at PartyCasino. They are both online e-wallets that help you store money in different currencies, and make easy transactions to merchants – such as online casinos – possible. Skrill may not be as popular as PayPal in general, but the CEO of Skrill has strived to work especially with online casinos in the UK.

The Benefits of Skrill Casino Deposits

·   Skrillaccounts are free and safe

·   Depositsare super quick

·   Withdrawalsare usually instant or up to four hours

·   Skrillremoves the need to enter bank details

4.   Neteller Casinos


Neteller is the third e-wallet to make our list and offers the same efficient benefits as PayPal and Skrill. Neteller is well-known within the online casino community and you can even find Neteller casino bonuses for just depositing with this method.

The Benefits of Neteller Casino Deposits

·   Depositsare instant

·   Withdrawalsare usually completed on the same day

·    Safedeposits with no need to enter bank details.

·   Trustedbrand of e-wallet with a fraud team

5.   PaySafe Casinos


PaySafe is a type of card that you can get from selected stores. The card has a monetary value on it and a 16-digit number (just like your bank card). You enter this number to make purchases on websites, such as UK casino sites. But the PaySafe card is much safer as you control how much is on it via the PaySafe app. It is one of the most effective ways of staying safe online.

The Benefits of PaySafe Casino Deposits

·   Supersafe depositing method

·   Excellentway to control gambling

·   PaySafeapp for your smartphone

·   Just like a recognisable VISA card

6.   Bank Transfer Casinos


If you want to use your UK bank account to playcasino games online but don’t want to enter your card details (or don’t have aVISA card with your UK bank account!) you can still play by making a banktransfer. Simply enter the casino site’s bank details and send money with aspecial reference number given to you by the casino. This reference will thenallocate the money they receive to your profile and casino wallet. Sometimesthese are done instantly but may take a day to be processed by the casino.

The Benefits of Bank Transfer Casino Deposits

·   Perfectfor those without a VISA bank card

·   Usuallyquick to deposit

·   Enhancesyour online safety

Do You Have toWithdraw from the Online Casino the Same Way You Deposited?

Online casinos can be sued by criminals whowant to launder money. They may try to use a casino to make it difficult for investigationagencies to track where the money went. For this reason, the best onlinecasinos in the UK will ask you to send any winnings back to the same placewhere you deposited from.

However, some online casinos will let youwithdraw to other places with good reason or if you can explain why you aredoing it. This will depend on the online casino you choose to play at.

Can You StillUse Credit Cards at Online UK Casinos?

Before April 2020, it was perfectly legal foronline casinos in the UK to offer payment with a credit card.

That is no longer possible since The UK Gambling Commission banned credit card payments for gambling services.

Casino Games for Everyone!

All of these excellent depositing methods, aswell as others not listed here, make playing casino games easy, safe, quick,and most importantly – available to everyone!