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PaySafe casinos are littering the online casino market because lots of gamblers prefer to deposit money into their casino wallets using the safer and fast PaySafe method. But what is PaySafe and what is a PaySafe casino?

We’ll explain all the details in this PaySafe casino reviews – so you can also benefit from excellent casino game from blackjack to slots while ensuring gambling safety online, right here at PartyCasino.

What Is PaySafe?

PaySafe is one of the most innovative ways to pay for goods and services online. And it is hailed as one of the safest ways to pay because you never enter sensitive information or bank details to pay.

It works in an effortless way. You head to a local store that stocks PaySafe cards (there are many available in small towns and large urban areas) and buy one with the value of money you need. They are available from as little as £5!

These PaySafe cards have a 16-digitcode on them. The code can be entered into some websites as a form of payment to the equivalent value of the card.

So, That Makes a PaySafe Casino…

This means some online casinos in the UK now offer players the option to make a casino deposit into their gambling accounts using PaySafe. Players can buy a PaySafe card and log into their favourite online casino, and then use the code from the PaySafe card to add money ready to play.

Note, a PaySafe casino is not an online casino that just accepts PaySafe card deposits. It accepts PaySafe aswell as many other types of payment options, usually including VISA, Neteller,Skrill, and even Bitcoin.

Benefits of using PaySafe Casinos

These PaySafe casinos benefit their players because they enable faster deposits and super safe online gambling. But these are not the only benefits of using a UK PaySafe casino. Others include:

·        PaySafe is easy to use, and they now have an app available to check your card balance

·          PaySafe is recognised across the globe

·          PaySafe casino deposits are almost instant

·          There is nothing safer than a PaySafe deposit

·        PaySafe cards help monitor your online gambling spending

·          Sometimes PaySafe casino bonuses are available

PaySafe Withdrawal Times

When you withdraw winnings from your casino account using your debit card, it can take up to five working days n some cases, with the industry-standard being two working days. This is not convenient, especially if you’ve had a more substantial win and want to get the bubbly on ice.

PaySafe Casino Payment Limits

Another great benefit of PaySafe casinos is that you can find PaySafe cards with lots of different values. Ifyou just want to deposit £10 into your casino, there is a PaySafe card for that. Or if you are a higher roller, you can buy higher value PaySafe cards or multiple PaySafe cards to the value you need.

PaySafe is also recognised as one of the methods that helps stop problem gambling. Because players cannot only add more money to their casino account – like they can from their bank accounts– it prevents impulse gambling and gambling more than the player initially wanted to.

Are There PaySafe Casino Bonuses?

Some casinos do like to offer promotions and bonuses when players use specific payment methods. They are not always common or available, but there is such a thing as a PaySafe casino bonus. You may receive free spins on the best slots or a free bet when depositing with PaySafe to your favourite casino.

What About Mobile PaySafe Casinos?

Many of the UK’s best casinos now allow PaySafe as a depositing method. These great casinos have also made their website and games compatible on smartphones, with some even creating casino apps. This all means if you want to play a PaySafe casino when out and about – you absolutely can!

This is convenient considering you may need to head out to buy a PaySafe card. And even more so because you can also download the PaySafe app to check your current balances.

Depositing and Withdrawing from a PaySafe Casino

Depositing into the casino from aPaySafe card is so easy. It is just a case of entering 16 digits, just like you would if you were entering your card number. Although this is much safer!

The good news is that you can also withdraw to your PaySafe card and these withdrawals are often faster than withdrawals to a bank account (which usually take a sluggish three working days!).

How can I open a PaySafe account? You can start using PaySafe at online casinos by signing up to an account and ordering your PaySafe card. It is straightforward – and you just need to enter a few details, such as your email address.

Will a PaySafe casino accept other depositing methods? Yes, PaySafe casinos are nicknames for any casino that accepts PaySafe as a depositing method. But these casinos accept many other types of depositing methods. They are also Skrill casinos and Neteller casinos.

Which casinos currently accept PaySafe? The best casinos in the UK, like us at PartyCasino currently accept PaySafe because we want to appeal to as many players as possible. Just remember only to use a PaySafe casino that has a legal gambling license to ensure the casino games you play are operating fairly.