fruit slots

Who knew fruits would be such a popular slot theme?

When you think of traditional slot machines and slot games, the first thing that comes to mind is probably those old-style AWP machines you find in arcades and on the casino floor. These machines often contain three reels, which are filled with fruity symbols, bells, bars and other common icons, filling up the reel positions. These machines are largely constrained by the hardware and technology powering them, just as any physical machine has its limitations. But when it comes to online slots, you’re looking at software, rather than hardware, to power the games. This means there are many more options available to slots games developers, who can effectively create video games in place of physical machine hardware. For a complete overview of all our slots you can visit our review section.

Slots developers have taken this theme and run with it, creating a whole range of new, innovative, exciting slots games. Yet despite the all-singing, all-dancing slots of today, fruity symbols remains one of the most common themes. This is down to the familiarity players have with fruits, as well as the endless potential for specially tailored bonus and game features, all based around the fruity theme. But which slots games best typify this use of fruit in games of this genre, and why are they worth checking out if you haven’t already?

Fruit Warp

fruit warp slot

Fruit Warp is an unusual slot, in that it has no fixed paylines or reels in the classical sense. It’s also a 3D slot, so it’s a little different from what you might have come to expect from your typical fruit machines. This is a game by Thunderkick, a smaller development company who are responsible for some of the best slots games coming out right now. They usually apply innovative tweaks to established formats, and their work with Fruit Warp is an example of this at its finest. To land a winning combo, all you need to do is match three or more of the same animated fruits anywhere on the screen, which pays according to the value in the paytable. A simple, but somewhat unique game, Fruit Warp definitely makes the fruit theme fun.

Melon Madness

melon madness deluxe

Melon Madness is a fruit machine that adopts a more classical format, albeit across five reels. The fruity symbols here are drawn in a cartoon style, but don’t let that fool you – this is a serious fruity slot, with huge potential jackpots on the line, just waiting to be won. Because it’s a progressive slot, players from all across the world contribute to its prize fund, with a portion of each and every spin going to the prize fund. Of course, there are still decent wins to be had in the main game too, through landing combinations on any of the recognised paylines as is standard in the slots genre. The progressive, known as ‘The Big One’, is in reality a number of separate prize funds, with up to five chances to win on every spin. Talk about getting your five a day… You can play this fruity game at our progressive jackpots slots page.

Spina Colada

spina colada online slot

This one comes to you from Yggdrasil Gaming, another of the new breed of games development firms who are putting out some really excellent content. Spina Colada is another example of this, which combines the tastiest of fruity symbols with lying on a sunny beach. What’s not to like?

This is a five reel game with 25 paylines, and you’ll notice a range of different bonus features, alongside the fruit and cocktail symbols on the main reels screen. The aim is to line up combinations on any of the recognised paylines according to the paytable, which pays a jackpot of up to 250x. Watch out for the 4 special features – these can be a great way to ensure you’re bumping up the winnings from the main reel game.

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