Review of Thunderkick

Scandinavia is one of the world’s leading hotbeds of innovation and development, at least as far as online casino games development is concerned. Thunderkick is only the latest in the long line of companies to be founded in the region, with the Stockholm-based company founded back in 2012. Since then, they have gone on to release dozens of high quality games, which combine inviting graphics with a more enjoyable all-round gaming experience.

Thunderkick games have an arcade feel, beyond what you’d expect from your average slots titles. Perhaps that’s the reason they are proving so popular amongst slots fans. Or perhaps it’s for offering something different in a space where it sometimes feels like we’ve seen it all before. Combining years of industry experience with some of the top talent in the business, Thunderkick is off to a very strong start.

Top 5 Thunderkick Games

Pink Elephants: With over 4,000 paylines, or winning combinations, there’s no excuse for not landing combos in Pink Elephants. The game has a cartoon feel to it, though both the reel positions and the graphics have a stylish finish. The RTP is impressive at 96.1%, and the bonus features have been known to be on the generous side. Expect meerkats, elephants and other African animals to make their way onto the reels, in this slightly surreal animal adventure from Thunderkick.

turinng totemsTurning Totems: In keeping with the slightly unreal, cartoon-feel that has become synonymous with the Thunderkick style, Turning Totems is a slots game that looks a little different from most. There’s a native American tribal theme here, with totem poles of different coloured icons replacing the traditional reel layout and format. The game still works in the usual way, with paylines across the reels for matching combinations, but there are a few special bonus features in there that can help you venture further.

barber shop slotBarber Shop Uncut: Thunderkick have built their reputation on doing things a little differently, and the theme and graphics in this game are certainly in keeping with that style. A barber shop isn’t necessarily what you’d first imagine when you think of a slots backdrop, but as this game proves, it actually works really well. The Inwinity Spins are a decent feature, and this makes the bonuses sway towards the more generous end of the spectrum. With solid jackpot wins to be had, and a wide range of spin stakes to suit all budgets, there’s plenty to like about this slot.

Birds on a Wire: Birds on a Wire dispenses with what you might call a traditional reel format, instead lining up different coloured birds on telephone wires. Land birds next to each other in combination, and you’re paid on any of the recognised paylines. There is the multiplier meter to keep an eye on at the left hand side of your screen, as well as several other neat features and bonuses as you ‘spin’ through the game. Well worth a shot for any slots fan who fancies trying out something a bit different.

Full Moon Romance: Find love under the stars with this Thunderkick slot, which speaks to getting cosy at the drive-in theatre and staying out past curfew in your teenage years. Based on the story of two characters, Jack and Rosie, there’s a romantic 1950s feel to this game that will appeal to fans of Grease, or early 50s rock n’ roll. Showcasing just how good Thunderkick games can be, Full Moon Romance is a must for any devoted slots player.

Best Features

The defining feature of Thunderkick is the gamification of their slots titles. The games they feel like games first, slots second – something that has often been lost from the more basic games of yesteryear. Thunderkick titles have a playability that sets them apart from the crowd, to the point where it would be difficult to fault their gameplay. This, coupled with the stylish graphics, unusual game themes, and the general talent on show throughout these games makes Thunderkick a games development company to watch.

Company History

In 2012, the founders of Thunderkick spotted a gap in the market. They saw that while a few major developers had risen to command the majority market share, the games on offer were still somewhat basic. Thunderkick was founded with offices in Stockholm and subsequently Malta, to improve the playability of online casinos, and to provide a quality of game that was a cut above the rest. Since then, this award-winning games development company has gone on to win fans right across their game catalogue.

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