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Crystal Clans

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Crystal Clans Online Slot Review

Crystal Clans - partycasino

Games offering superficial tie-ins to the mobile strategy game Clash of Clans by Softcell appear to be in vogue at the moment with titles like Microgaming’s ‘Cash of Kingdoms’. And iSoftBet have unveiled their newest slot: ‘Crystal Clans’.

Borrowing the same bold and vibrant art style of the Clash of Clans source material, Crystal Clans slot throws you in to a crystal-studded cave with a team of medieval-fantasy themed characters. These are presumably the ‘clan’ members of the title, although this angle isn’t ever really expanded upon in any of the game mechanics so who knows?

The highest level symbol in the game is a regal looking (yet uncrowned and otherwise unlabelled) young chap with a magnificent beard and moustache. Next down is a either a princess or a queen, followed by and elderly looking gent with angry-looking blue, glowing eyes—a wizard perhaps? A hooded girl that could be sister of the ‘Witch’ character from Clash of Clans and green-haired, purple skinned forest imp round out the group of higher value symbols.

The crystal cave backdrop is genuinely gorgeous and even the golden reel frame is pock-marked with crystals spouting out of it. The game’s lower value symbols are crystal tiles too, allowing you to glimpse more of the cave through their semi-transparent lattice. These visuals get paired up nicely with a hauntingly melodic score composed of gently plucked harp strings and lightly synthesised choral vocals—it’s the sort of background soundtrack that wouldn’t sound out of place on a particularly melancholy episode of Game of Thrones. All this combined helps to set the scene for a surprisingly unique subterranean fantasy-land setting.

On to the gameplay. Crystal Clans is like many of the online casino games and rocks a pretty standard 5 x 3 set of reels but manages to jam into this space an unusually high number of pay lines for this space, 50 of them in fact. Some care is needed when setting up your total bet per spin as the game allows for a variance of anything from £0.50 to £500 per bet. A lower than expected theoretical RTP (return to player) of just 95.22% is a balance specifically set for a higher volatility game like this one, with big wins coming from a combination of Free Spins, multipliers and high value character symbols.

Feature Symbols

The green gem-like “W” symbols in this game are wild, substituting for all adjacent non-bonus symbols and massively increasing the likelihood of completing winning lines around these symbols.

Wilds in Crystal Clans also come in a second even more exciting flavour, Wild Multipliers which can pop up on the reels on any spin in either Free Spins or Standard play modes. These multipliers can appear as either 2x, 3x, 5x or even 10x value boosters awarding multiplied winnings to any winning lines activated on that spin.

Lastly we have the bright red, spikey ‘Power Crystal’ symbols. Landing 2 or more of these on the reels will trigger the Free Spins feature for Crystal Clans…

Crystal Clans Bonus - partycasino

Bonuses and Jackpots

Crystal Clans Free Spins round can include anywhere between 10 and 50 Free Spins depending on how many Power Crystals you just scored. The more Power Crystals you landed the more Free Spins you’ll receive… And what’s more, if you caught a multiplier wild going into the Free Spins you’re your Free Spins pot will be multiplied!

Additional Power Crystal scatters during the Free Spins will add a bonus retrigger to you stack. And on top of all that you can still benefit from individual multipliers during the Free Spins.

Play Crystal Clans Slot at PartyCasino

Crystal Clans is yet another slot whose design was heavily rigged towards piggy-backing on the success of another popular game but despite that the setting and use of multiplier wilds are unique enough features that this slot is able to stand alone as a decent looking fantasy piece. Discover the beautiful sights and sounds of Crystal Clans for yourself at our online slots page today-you can even take it for a trial run by play it in free play mode if you want.