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If you’ve ever played Supercell’s tactical mobile game Clash of Clans or any of its myriad of competitor clones you’ll instantly recognise the cute and cartoonish animation style used in Microgaming’s Cash of Kingdoms. Even the name is a thinly veiled homage to that original game.

You’ll also recognise similarities with the characters-types used for this slot’s symbols, burly sword waving champions, leggy elven archers and flame-wielding, goatee wearing wizards to name a few. But even though the original art style might be lacking originality it certainly conveys the same fun energy and bright cheery fantasy aesthetic of the Clash of Clans-style games. The graphics are fresh and colourful with some cool little animation for each of the symbols when part of a winning line.

Speaking of lines, you’ll find 15 of them evenly spread across Cash of Kingdom’s 5 by 3 reel stretch. And as with the theme the games bonus features aren’t completely original, though Microgaming have added a unique animation for their horizontally expanding “Invading Wilds”. One thing that really does stand out is Cash of Kingdom’s gameplay sound effects and stirring epic-sounding fantasy background music. The sound effects triggered by a win is an upbeat xylophone and drum score that actually fits well with the rest of the game, unlike the jarring electronic warbling that many historic/fantasy slots seem to opt for.

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As you play through this new mythic offering from Microgaming you’ll find yourself linking up lines of swords and shields, mystic tomes and sacks of gold as well as character titles with gunpowder Dwarves, roguish thieves and heroic knights. The top end of these wins is a mere 24 times your stack for 5 matching Knights, not a huge amount but the frequency of wins appears to help this game keep to its theoretical RTP (return to player) over time of 96.28% which is pretty reasonable. Minimum bets start at just £0.15 and can be cracked up to a towering £435 per spin—quite a lot considering the absolute maximum win on one spin is 230 times your stake, and that’s only during the Free Spins bonus round.

Feature Symbols

The only real feature symbols to speak of in Cash of Kingdoms are its wild “Cash of Kingdoms” and treasure chest “Scatter” symbols. Microgaming keep things simple here with each of these symbols doing more or less what you’d expect them to do. Wilds match up to surrounding tiles enabling longer chains and more combinations of connections than might otherwise have been possible. And then you’ve got your Scatters, revealing three of which will trigger the slot’s Free Spins round.

Bonuses and Jackpots

cash of kingdoms bonus

Keep spinning until you land a full stack of three vertical “Cash of Kingdoms” wilds and you see them will band together to initiate the games ace manoeuvre—the “Invading Wilds”… Swords slash the wilds open before a volley of flaming arrows burst forth, firing across to an adjacent reel and forcibly turning it wild as well, almost guaranteeing a high number of profitable winning line ups across the reels.

Also, as we mention above, the Free Spins bonus round triggers after drawing out three treasure chest “Scatter” symbols. To highlight the change the game grows darker as the background changes from day to night. During the Free Spins round a full stack of wilds in the second and fourth reels will initiate a dual attack on the third reel, not only turning it wild but also adding a 2x multiplier to the mix!

Free Spins can continue up to a maximum of 20 spins as additional Free Spins are added for each additional scatter symbols that appears on the reels during the feature.

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Cash of Kingdoms is a game clearly designed to trade in on the popularity of another genre of game but if that style of fantasy animations appeal to you then this is a solid enough slot conversion, even if the game’s low volatility build limits the size of the biggest pay-outs available. So what are you waiting for? Take the fight to the enemy and give Cash of Kings a trial run (you can even play it for free if you want) at PartyCasino today.

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