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Celebrities Who Play Blackjack

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Blackjack is a game for everyone. Most of us learn to play it at some point in our lives. It shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise to learn that even celebrities get involved from time to time. Most celebrities will have played a few hands in their time, though some are more notorious for their love of the card game than others. Here’s a brief run-down of some of the more famous blackjack players you may have heard of.

Paris Hilton

When you’re sitting on a wad as big as Paris Hilton’s, one can afford to splash out. With her vast fortune, she’s doesn’t even need to be very good to have a cracking time playing blackjack. By all accounts, though, she’s not too shabby at all. The socialite may be famous for appearing in a naughty video, and have cash out of the ying-yang, but she has also attracted a bit of a reputation as a blackjack gambler, having won $50,000 in just one sitting at the blackjack table. Her love of gambling has also seen her become the face of several online casino sites (BGO, anyone?), and she is often paid to appear at casino venues in Vegas.

Ben Affleck

Whether you love him or hate him, Ben Affleck certaininly knows how to play blackjack and is quite possibly the best player in the celebrity world – and he’s not too shabby at poker, either. Unlike his acting, there is nothing questionable about his blackjack skills. Affleck was once kicked off the blackjack tables in the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. Why? Not because the dealer wasn’t a fan, but because he was winning too much! The actor has admitted to studying the game, and he can count cards as well as incorporate strategies into his game. No wonder the Hard Rock didn’t take too kindly to his winning streak.

Matt Damon

Where there is one, there is the other. You can’t really have Ben Affleck without having Matt Damon somewhere nearby. The actors don’t just star in dodgy movies together – they also have a shared love of blackjack. Damon once played blackjack live on Jimmy Kimmel, and he has been known to take his habit to the casinos, too. We couldn’t tell you if he’s any good or not, but again, with the kind of cash he has to spare, he doesn’t have to be. If he and Affleck ever got down to play, our money would be on Affleck.

Prince Harry

Whether he is dressing up in an Nazi SS uniform, pinning girls’ knickers on his uni wall, or getting photographed in the buff, this royal wild child is always up to something questionable. Prince Harry is a big fan of the blackjack table, and we’re sure the queen wouldn’t approve. Once can only hope that British taxpayers’ money doesn’t go to funding his gambling sessions. Harry has been spotted playing at the Wynn Casino in Vegas, knocking back free drink after free drink. Casinos will often do this to distract their valued guests. He lost $300, but that’s chump change for this party animal.

Any others?

Sure. Sean Combs (or whatever has chosen to call himself this week) loves a bit of blackjack. He is a big blackjack player, ploughing plenty of cash into the game. He is even alleged to have asked for his own blackjack table at the MTV Music Awards. The nerve, right?

Fellow rapper 50 Cent is also a fan of the game, although we doubt it is cents he is putting down on the table. He runs his own online blackjack game – known rather unimaginatively as 50 Cent’s Blackjack. This puts him at odds with rapper Jay-Z, who also runs his own blackjack game. Even though he’s minted, 50 Cent still professes to “want to win big”.

Basketball stars Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan have also professed to love playing blackjack, whilst 1994 Academy Award nominee Jennifer Tilly is a fan (and a holder of a WSOP Ladies Event bracelet), and UFC Fighter Dana White also plays a spot of blackjack from time to time.

Like we’ve said, there are plenty of other celebrities who dabble in blackjack, but none of them are as famous for their love of the game as the gamblers we’ve mentioned above. So, if you fancy trying your luck at the tables, just like these celebrities, you can play blackjack right here.