Exotic Blackjack Variants: European, Pontoon, and More - partycasino

Exotic Blackjack Variants: European, Pontoon, and More

Exotic Blackjack Variants: European, Pontoon, and Mor

Exotic Blackjack Variants: European, Pontoon, and Mor

For anyone who is looking for a bit of a change when playing blackjack online, there are a variety of exotic variations to consider. Perhaps the most famous versions of the game include European Blackjack and Pontoon, both of which have something unique to offer players. However, there are some other top-rated types of Blackjack, included in this article. We also look at the main differences between each game, alongside how players can pick a title that matches their preferences! 

Exotic Blackjack Variants - partycasino

Overview of Blackjack Variants

The game of Blackjack, or 21, is played by millions of people on a yearly basis, at both physical and online casinos. Most people will play the standard type of Blackjack. However, unique variations do exist. Let's dive in! 

Definition of Exotic Blackjack Variants

First off, what exactly are we referring to when we say 'exotic blackjack variants'? Simply put, these are versions of Blackjack that deviate from the traditional rules and gameplay. They introduce unique twists and turns, making the game exciting and fresh.  

Understanding these different blackjack games is vital if you're looking to expand your skills and enjoy a diverse gaming experience. Of course, some types of Blackjack can even offer players with a more favourable Return To player Rate, too.

Significance of Understanding Different Blackjack Games

Before playing any unique variation of Blackjack, it's important to know the rules. Doing this can equip you with the skills needed to play in an optimal way, decreasing the house edge as a result. For example, some side bets may offer a better RTP than others, while some decisions may also be beneficial over time. 

Additionally, understanding these variants can significantly enhance your overall gaming experience. It keeps the game interesting and fresh, with different types of Blackjack having something unique to offer.

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Types of Blackjack: A Closer Look

So, now that we know what exotic variations entail, as well as the importance of learning the associated rules, let's take a look at some of the most popular types of Blackjack!

European Blackjack

Let's start with the most well-known variation of the classic game, European Blackjack. In this version, the dealer does not have a hole (face down) card. This means that they cannot check for a blackjack until all hands have been finalised. 

Two decks are used and players can only double down if they have a 9, 10, or 11. It's only possible to split each hand once in European Blackjack, with it not being possible to double down on a hand that was split. Most of the other rules remain the same as the classic variation of the game, with dealers standing at 17, insurance awarding at the rate of 2:1, and blackjacks awarding at the rate of 3 to 2.  


This variation of Blackjack is popular across the United Kingdom and works in a very similar way to the original. The main difference with this game is that both of the dealer's hands are face down, meaning that players have zero knowledge about what the dealer is holding. Naturally, this can make the game harder, with players only having the option to try and improve their hand as much as possible. 

Drawing in Pontoon is also marked as a loss, whereas with most other variations of the game, it's a push, meaning that the bet is returned. With that being said, there are some positive aspects of playing Pontoon, including the fact that a Blackjack (Referred to as a Pontoon in this variation of the game) awards at the rate of 2:1, or 3x the stake size. Players can also double down with 3 or 4 cards in their hand, and achieving a total of 5 cards without busting is an automatic win. This is known as the '5 card trick'. 

Si comprendes las diferencias entre el blackjack europeo y el americano, así como las estrategias más adecuadas para cada variante, podrás maximizar tus posibilidades de éxito en estas versiones del clásico juego de casino.

Spanish 21

Another variation of Blackjack is Spanish 21, which also features an assortment of unique, yet minor, changes to the ruleset. This type of Blackjack is played with 6 or 8 decks. However, all the regular 10 cards are removed. All of the face cards will remain in play.  

Perhaps the biggest change to the rules in Spanish 21 is that a 21 always wins. Blackjacks will also beat the dealer, should they have one too. While this may seem like a huge advantage, it's important to remember that the odds of being dealt a blackjack are reduced with the 10s being removed from each deck. 

Spanish 21 also features a variety of additional ways that players can be awarded with some potential winnings. This can include: 

  • A five card hand - Awards at 3:2 
  • A six card hand - Awards at 2:1 
  • A seven card hand - Awards at 3:1 
  • 21 with three sevens - Awards at 3:2 
  • 21 consisting of a 6, 7, and 8 - Awards at 3:2 
  • 21 with suited sevens - Awards at 2:1 
  • 21 with three sevens while the dealer shows a seven - Awards at 50:1 

Double Exposure Blackjack

Last but not least is double exposure blackjack, which is rather straightforward to learn, if players already know the standard rules. Instead of the dealer receiving one card face up and one card face down, both of their cards will be shown to the player. This can help them to make more informed choices about when to hit and when to stand. 

So, what's the catch? While there isn't a huge variety of downsides to this variation of the game, the house needs to maintain its edge somewhere, which is done by offering a payout rate of 1:1, or even money, on a blackjack!

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What Are The Main Differences in Blackjack Games?

some of the main differences to look out for: 

1. Deck Numbers - Although it may not seem like a big deal, the number of cards that are used in a game of Blackjack can make a big difference. From 2 decks to 8 decks, the blackjack variations in this article can vary greatly in this regard. 

2. Potential Payouts - When it comes to potential payouts, there are two things that players should consider. First is the potential winning associated with a blackjack, with 3 to 2 being relatively standard across the board. Next up, look out for any additional winning combinations, such as the five card trick in Pontoon. 

3. Side Bets - Some variations will likely feature their own side bets which can help to make things more entertaining for players. Before placing chips on one of these bets, however, players should make sure that they understand the associated rules and return to player rate. 

4. House Edge - Another thing to consider is the house edge of each game. Over time, titles with a lower house edge can help a player's funds to go further. As for the different blackjack articles in this article, here's a quick overview of their house edge percentages, if players are using basic strategy: 

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How To Pick The Right Types of Blackjack For You

While players are unlikely to find the right type of Blackjack for them immediately, there are a few ways that you can narrow down your choices: 

  • Decide on your Preferences - Before diving into an online casino catalogue looking for different types of Blackjack, players should first think about their preferences. This will give you a better idea of what to look for. For example, for those looking to make their bankroll last longer, you could consider games with a high RTP rate. Adversely, for those who want something fresh, games with unique rules, such as Mega Fire Blaze Jackpot Live could provide extra entertainment! 

  • Read the Rules - The rules of a blackjack variation can give you a good indication of whether or not the game matches your preferences. Blackjack rules can be found by clicking the information tab once the title has loaded, or by giving the title a quick Google search. If searching online, you can also see game reviews from other players! 

  • Test the Game - Players can also give the game a test run before committing any of their funds to a bet. This can be done by using a demo version of the blackjack variation, or perhaps by playing with any bonus funds that have been awarded as part of a promotional offer. 


Although the rules across variations such as European Blackjack and Pontoon may seem small, they greatly impact the gameplay as a result. This can lead to a totally different experience for players, while simultaneously adjusting the house edge.  

Players can find a huge selection of blackjack variations in our extensive catalogue, with live versions being available for most. Our bonuses are also updated on a regular basis, which can help to make funds go further when playing Blackjack online. 

Of course, regardless of which variation of Blackjack a player opts for, setting limits in advance can be a crucial part of responsible gambling. Here at PartyCasino, we also offer a wide range of tools, including daily, weekly, and monthly deposit limits, alongside much more, to help keep players safe online. 

Los jugadores que empleen estas estrategias y se adapten al singular modo de juego de esta versión, aumentaran sus posibilidades de ganar y disfrutaran de una experiencia estimulante. No olvides practicar y perfeccionar tus estrategias para convertirte en un experto jugador de blackjack Switch.

Frequently Asked Questions About Exotic Blackjack Variations

What Are Some of the Most Popular Blackjack Variations?

Some of the most popular blackjack variations online include European Blackjack, Pontoon, Spanish 21, and Double Exposure Blackjack, to name just a few.

How Does European Blackjack Differ from Other Variants?

The main difference between European Blackjack and other variations of the game is that the dealer is not dealt a hole card. This means that even if the dealer has an ace, the round is played out before they check for a blackjack.

What Are the Rules of Pontoon, and How Does It Compare to Traditional Blackjack?

Pontoon can be harder than traditional Blackjack because both of the dealers' cards are face down at the start of the round. A tied hand is also marked as a loss. On a positive note, blackjacks are awarded at the rate of 2 to 1 and players can choose to double down if 3 or 4 cards are in their hand. In standard Blackjack, you can only double down when you're holding 2 cards.

How Can Players Find a Blackjack Variation That Suits Their Preferences?

Understanding the rules, playing a demo version of the game, and using bonuses can be great ways of finding a variation of Blackjack that matches your preferences.

What Are The Main Differences Across Types of Blackjack Games?

Differences that players should look out for across different types of blackjack games include the number of decks used, the potential winnings associated with a blackjack, the side bets, and the house edge. Most of these should be visible in the information table of the chosen blackjack variant.