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Blackjack Charlie 7

Blackjack Charlie 7 - partycasino

Blackjack Charlie 7 is a variation of video blackjack, developed by the team at Win Interactive. A favourite among experienced blackjack players as well as newbies, Blackjack Charlie 7 has modified rules designed to give players an additional chance to win each hand, by drawing 7 cards while remaining under the 21 limit that would see them bust. There are a number of playing options that differentiate from straight blackjack, all available in a slick, 3D animated environment, to offer a new blackjack challenge through this high quality format.

As in regular online blackjack, this is a game played between you and the dealer – irrespective of the actions of other players. In that sense, you’re not relying on beating your fellow player. Instead, it’s all about collecting a higher value hand than the House, as close as possible to the 21 maximum without breaching this limit. Aside from the usual features you would expect from a blackjack game, there are other rules and playing options to note that give Blackjack Charlie 7 its unique flavour.

The Rules of Blackjack Charlie 7

The objective of the game remains the same as most blackjack table card games – reach 21 without bursting the limit from the cumulative value of your hand. Numbered cards are allocated points based on their number, face cards are worth 10 points, and the Ace is worth 1 or 11 as the hand dictates. In this version, you can choose to play up to three hands at once against the House, so there’s potential for a fast paced multi-hand game if you choose. The game is played with 8 decks in play at once, and dealers are committed to stand at 17.

The 7 card Charlie feature means that if you draw 7 cards without busting the 21 limit, you automatically win the hand – regardless of what the House presents. Factoring this into the mix, the outcome of each hand is a win, a loss, or a push – where both hands are tied. In this case, you’ll get your stake returned, no harm done.

With each card drawn, you have the chance to Hit, Stand, Double, Split, or Surrender, depending on your assessment of your chances of winning the hand. Each of these is dealt with in turn below.

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Blackjack Charlie 7 Playing Options

At the draw of each card, you have the option to decide your next move. ‘Hit’ draws another card towards your 21 total, and you can keep hitting with every card until you are bust – i.e. beyond the 21 ceiling. When you judge yourself to be as close as you’re going to get to the magical 21, you can choose to ‘Stand’, locking in your score for the hand as the dealer completes their own hand to determine the winner.

You can also choose to Double. This is offered to players who have 2 cards dealt, and gives you the chance to double your stake having seen the first two cards in your hand. You will then be dealt a third card before you hand automatically stands – with the potential to have doubled up on your winnings. This can be a good strategy for those looking at a strong hand early doors, allowing you to capitalise on good cards when they fall in your favour.

There is also the option to Split. This comes when you’ve got a pair in your first two cards. Splitting allows you to start two new hands from this single origin hand, splitting your pairs in two to give you an additional hand in play. You will then be dealt second cards for each of your split hands and the game proceeds as normal from there.

Finally, if you want to quit a hand, there’s the option to Surrender at any time. Remember, even with a low scoring hand, if you draw seven cards that don’t hit 21, you’re automatically a winner in Charlie 7.

Enjoy Blackjack Charlie 7 at PartyCasino

Blackjack Charlie 7 is something a bit different – especially if you’re a regular blackjack or live blackjack player. The alternative playing options give you much more flexibility, as well as additional opportunities to win, even if you don’t draw a winning hand against the House every time.

For those who enjoy blackjack and are looking for a new challenge, or for players looking for an entry to blackjack with multiple opportunities to win, look no further than Blackjack Charlie 7 Mini, available here at PartyCasino.