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An accomplished singer once sang “I need a hero, I’m holding out for a hero till the end of the night”, and we can’t help feeling like she was speaking about Wide Worlds online slot. NetEnt has blasted out of the blocks this April with a release to bring free spins, various wild features and a whole lot of fun. Can this title live up to previous NetEnt success stories? Let’s take a look at all the details that could make your Easter gaming fantastic.

The theme of Wild Worlds revolves around 3 heroic birds. We’re not talking about sparrows and starlings, but sophisticated looking birds with missions to solve and bad guys to defeat. You’ll notice as you open the game that the reels lie to the left side of the surroundings, while a control room with our 3 winged friends lies to the left. As the reels spin the crew on the left will become quite interactive, flexing their muscles, among other things, to give you a boost in the finances department. The sound effects are entertaining to say the least, as explosions and fight scenes play out in what really is a spectacle at times.

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The maximum amount of coins that can be taken home in Wild Worlds is 1,000,000 which depending on what your max bet is at could be the hero you’ve been waiting for. The maximum bet comes in at 400 coins, while players who like to stick to a more conservative path will be able to bet 0.20 coins. The RTP that you’ll be looking at achieving is 96.47%, which isn’t such a bad amount, and if you take into consideration the medium variance of the game, there is no need for heroes to save you from yourself.

The mobile version of the game is among the best you’ll see, but would anyone have expected anything different from NetEnt? It’s also worth noting that you won’t be relying on paylines but rather cluster pays in Wild Worlds online slot.

Feature Symbols

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The feature symbols in Wild Worlds are a little difficult to make out but basically each of the 3 feathery heroes has 2 symbols based on them. Therefore you’ll find 6 symbols on the reels that are regular symbols. These look like gem stones but one has a heroes face and the other a symbol.

There are 3 symbols to look out for that carry more value than the symbols mentioned above. The first is the black crown symbol, which carries higher value than the regular symbols. The second is the wild symbol that is marked by a W and will substitute all the regular symbols to create wins. The third and last is the scatter symbol that will hand out some free spins.

Bonuses and Jackpots

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The first feature to mention is a randomly triggered one that occurs after any losing spin in the base game. This is the Destroy Feature and will see losing symbols removed from the reels to be replaced by new ones, which could bring you some epic rewards.

There’s also a feature called Hero Wilds, which is a great way to make regular spins work out even better. Also triggered at random, all similar symbols on the reels will be turned into wilds to potentially turn the reels into a gold mine.

The feature which most players will want to land is the free spins. You’ll access this highly interactive feature by landing 3 scatters on the reels, at which point you’ll be taken to an entertaining series of events. You’ll be given 8 free spins but will also see the heroes go up against monsters as well as a character called the Boss. You can move up levels whenever a monster is beaten up by the heroes, increasing the number of wilds that fall on the reels during the free spins. There are very few free spins features that are as entertaining, as well as profitable.

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This isn’t a complicated game. The free spins feature needs to be played in order to fully understand it, but the interactivity you’ll find connected to it is really fun. With the amount of wilds that fall during the free spins you’ll find wins pouring in. There’s also the assistance of the Hero Wilds and Destroy Feature that bring an extra boost, and the best thing is that they happen when you’ve actually just lost some funds. We’re sure this will be one of the best received games in the first half of 2019, and that players will be staying up long nights waiting for that hero to arrive.

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