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Wild 7

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Wild 7 - partycasino

You’ll often hear people say that it’s the simple things in life that deliver the most happiness. This isn’t entirely true of Wild 7 slot. Uncomplicated game play and effective bonus symbols combine to serve profitable wins up on a plate, but in a competitive industry could there be such a thing as too simple? In this review we look at the specifications, user experience and payout potential players will most likely encounter when giving the reels of Wild 7 a spin.

This title was released in 2014 by Amatic Industries in a time that software studios were really starting to release slots in ultra high definition, with graphics good enough to look like they were designed for Disney. Unfortunately Amatic wasn’t following the trend when they designed this one, as the aesthetics is about as basic as it gets. There isn’t really a theme either, unless you count the odd 50s drag strip vehicles as a theme.

Wild 7 Win - partycasino

Wild 7 consists of 10 paylines and 5 reels, while there is the option of choosing how many lines you want to play. This game works on a coin value, and the player can determine the value of each coin. To get the highest possible payout you’ll need to play at max bet, which is 500 coins. However, you don’t have to bet this high if on a tight budget. The lowest that can be wagered is 1 coin, and with a Return to Player (RTP) ratio of 96% you won’t be losing large sums of money, depending on the strategy used.

There is a jackpot of 50,000 coins to be had, which is quite a high amount. It doesn’t rival some of the online slots paying out progressive jackpots but it will go a long way to buying something you’ve always dreamt of owning. Players will be able to land this baby playing on their desktop or mobile device – the amount will be the same sweet payout.

Feature Symbols

Wild 7 Featured Symbols - partycasino

Things do take a downturn when it comes to the symbols, not because they have no value, which they do, but rather because they’re just very plain. Games you see today carry so much creativity which you actually become accustomed to. So when you happen upon a symbol display such as this it really hits home. Regardless, there’s six regular symbols that will win you various amounts, and they are all fruits. Cherries can win you 2500 coins if five line up across the reels, lemons and peaches can win you 5000, plums and grapes 7500 and the watermelon is worth a possible 10,000 coins.

There are two symbols that will provide joy for reasons we’ll discuss shortly. These are the wild and scatter symbols. Both carry exceptional value with the scatter paying a potential 25,000 coins and the wild 50,000. The scatter is the star symbol, while the wild is the 7 and will substitute all symbols except the scatter to create winning paylines.

Bonuses and Jackpots

Wild 7 online slot uses a few bonus features than consist of multipliers and gamble features. Should a 7 symbol form part of any winning payline the win of that spin will be doubled in value. The scatter symbol is usually used to trigger a free spins feature, but in this game it will simply award cash prizes every time it lands anywhere on the reels. This can be a good thing depending on how many times you land it.

Amatic have added in a gamble feature for everyone to make use of after any bonus win. For example, if you managed to win 22,000 coins on a spin you will be able to choose between the colour red or black to double that amount to 44,000 coins. However, there is the option to ignore the feature and collect your original amount. On the other hand, if you do play and are successful, there will be the chance of picking between hearts, spades, diamonds and clubs to quadruple your win.

Play Wild 7 Slot at PartyCasino

As far as basic games go this is about as basic as it gets. The sole purpose of Wild 7 slot is to provide payouts. It could be argued that this should be the case with all slot games, but a high paying title with great graphics and an engaging theme goes a long way in attracting players over minimalist games such as this. However, it’s not all bad here. The RTP, maximum payout and scatter rewards do provide thrills to a satisfactory degree, but you will most likely find Wild 7 passing its expiry date fairly quickly when it comes to your loyalties.