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Top 5 Places to go for a Drink in Las Vegas

As fans of the film The Hangover will already be aware, Las Vegas is a destination synonymous with playing hard. No surprise then, that it’s littered with more bars and watering holes than you can shake a stick at. Of course, not everyone likes to go out and get hammered (though if you do, you’ll be incredibly well catered for). If you’re looking for a quiet night out, it’s probably not the place either, but there are still more than enough places to go for a quiet drink.

So if you’re looking to get the party started in Las Vegas, where are you best to head to kick things off? Here are our top 5 places to go for a drink in Las Vegas, whether it’s before or after you get stuck into the gambling scene.

Parasol Up/Parasol Down

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This is the kind of place you only get in Vegas – of perhaps, early 20th century Paris. It’s got a parasol theme which oozes luxury from a bygone era, and it’s a great place to open your eyes to what Las Vegas has to offer. Be warned – this isn’t a cheap establishment, and you won’t get much change at the bar, whatever you’re ordering. But again, it’s not the kind of place you’re likely to be hanging around every night, and it’s well worth a visit, even if it’s just for some people watching – it goes without saying that this bar, based at the famous Wynn Hotel, is a major draw for the city’s rich, famous and beautiful. Cocktails are the specialty, but there’s a full menu on offer with more than enough to keep the night flowing.

Downtown Cocktail Room

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When you first think of the Downtown Cocktail Room, you’re probably not expecting something highly luxurious. The name conjures images of once-smokey bars, perhaps not even in the nicest part of town…but in true Vegas style, not everything is quite as it seems. This is in fact a luxurious joint, with lush red curtains and a jazz-bar type feel. Of course, there are cocktails-a-plenty, as the name would suggest. There’s usually a DJ spinning some tunes in the corner, but it’s not overwhelming – this is a bar rather than a nightclub, and even as the night wears on, there’s still more than enough room for chatter. This is a nice place, and definitely one not to miss if you’re in that neck of the woods.

Davidoff of Geneva Cigar Bar

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Sometimes you might want something a bit different, and Davidoff of Geneva certainly ticks that box. It’s the kind of place you imagine to be most at home in Las Vegas, perhaps an onwards destination after a successful session at the casino tables. The decor is done out in a more traditional style, with dark polished woods and a general demeanor that speaks to the well-to-do. And of course, as the name implies, this is home to some of the world’s finest cigars, washed down with some of the finest whiskies. You can’t ask for more luxurious than that. As you might have guessed this isn’t a cheap place to go for a drink, but it’s a good place to go if you’re celebrating, or if you simply want to sample the high end of Las Vegas life.

Fat Tuesday

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Fat Tuesday isn’t just confined to Las Vegas – in fact, there are over 50 different branches of this bar between Las Vegas and New Orleans. Their speciality is daiquiris, a must-order if ever you get the chance to stop for a drink here. In Vegas, you can find Fat Tuesday bars across several different casinos – The Stratosphere, The Venetian, MGM, Mandalay Bay and others. It’s slightly more relaxed than some of the other bars that have made it onto our list, and doesn’t have the same feeling of exclusivity or luxury. Rather, it’s more of a chilled out vibe, ice cool to reflect the refreshing drinks behind the bar. This is a good place to kick off your night, or to cool down in the afternoon when the heat gets up.

House of Blues

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House of Blues in Las Vegas is a little different. Combining live music with a fantastic selection of drinks and Southern-themed foods, it’s got a great atmosphere, particularly as the night wears on. There is a restaurant and bar in what is effectively a live music venue, offering a great combination of atmosphere and great food and drink. With bands and DJs on every single night, there’s always something to get you in the mood for a party. It’s well worth a visit.

Unlike traditional online casinos, Las Vegas has a reputation for being a party-loving city that thrives on buzz and excitement around the year. It’s full of great places to eat, stunning bars and nightclubs, and of course, some of the world’s finest examples of casino resorts. While these top five are well worth a visit, the best advice you can take with you on your trip is to try as much as possible. There are so many establishments that are well worth a visit, it would be a shame to confine yourself to these few, or any number you could count on your fingers and toes. Spend your time in Vegas like there’s no tomorrow, and you’ll experience the full gamut of what the city has to offer – that way, you’ll leave with no regrets…well, apart from The Hangover, perhaps.