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The Terminator

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  • Software: SUNFOX Games
  • Progressive Jackpot: no
  • Paylines: 20
  • Reels: 5

Humanity is at risk from the onslaught of The Terminators. Only Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese can prevent this evil from overrunning the planet. Which side are you on?

OK, so the slots game won’t see you saving the world, but it’s still a great way for Terminator fans to pass the time. Based on the hugely successful Terminator films, we designed this slots game to give Arnie fans a place to live out some of their favourite themes from the movie. You’ll find Terminator symbols right across the reels, instantly recognisable from the film, in addition to bonus rounds that put you right at the heart of the action.

Developed by our own game studio, The Terminator is a slots game that has won fans from all corners of the slots community – both from those who enjoy The Terminator film, and from those who like to try their hand at different slots games.

With wild symbols, bonus rounds and plenty of added features to keep the action moving, there are plenty of reasons to take The Terminator slots for a spin.

The Terminator Feature Symbols

As you play through the game, you’ll notice a number of Terminator themed symbols appearing across the reels. Several of these themes are worth more than their payline value, triggering free spins and bonuses, or just acting as wildcards to help you complete your payline.

The Terminator: The Terminator is the wild symbol. When you see this symbol appearing on the reels, it means you’ve got the flexibility to complete any available payline. If it’s sitting in the middle of a winning combination, chances are you’re going to win on that payline. However, it doesn’t substitute for the T800 symbol, so you’ll need to line up the right number of T800s if you want to take advantage of their scatter function.

T800 Head: The scatter symbol in The Terminator is the T800 Head symbol. If you get three or more scatter symbols appearing, on any of the reels, you can trigger the Sarah Connor feature game. Here, you use the T800 to locate Sarah Connor. Playing as the Terminator, you need to move through the feature game, shooting your way past anything that stands in your way to chase after the fleeing Sarah Connor. Each target you hit awards you a random multiple of your stake, so this can pay off as a bonus round – but only if you’re quick!

Nitro Bomb, Motorbike, Tanker: These symbols automatically award you with free spins whenever they appear, on reels 1, 3 or 5 respectively. These free spins are used subsequent to the game they are awarded in, giving you the opportunity to win money with no additional risk – a great helping hand to boost your potential bankroll.

Bonus Features

Similar to the Sarah Connor bonus feature, there is also a Kyle Reese bonus game, triggered at random at any time throughout the game. This time, you’ll play the part of Kyle Reese, tasked with identifying and shooting Skynet robots through the crosshair. If you get spotted, you’re dead – but keep beneath the radar, and you can potentially rack up prizes, again based on a randomly allocated multiplier per target successfully destroyed.

Play The Terminator Now

The Terminator combines the best of slots play with a range of bonus features and mini-games, each helping contribute to the overall playability of the game. If you’re a fan of the original Terminator, you’ll no doubt enjoy all aspects of the slots game – from the theming and graphics, through to the feature games. Or if you’re just looking for any action-packed slots game with more than just the standard reels, The Terminator with its bonus mini-games will probably check your boxes. You can play The Terminator now – get involved with the action today at PartyCasino.