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Tetris Extreme

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  • Software: Red 7
  • Progressive Jackpot: yes
  • Reels: 7

Wereyou a fan of Tetris, the frantic blocks game where you needed to line upmatches of bricks to clear the screen before too many fell down and blocked theway? If so, the sight of this online slot will get your pulse racing becausethe first appearance looks nothing like a standard set of reels! Instead, you’llbe faced with a screen that looks remarkably like the iconic Tetris game, witha clear screen waiting for the blocks to tumble down. But will your experienceprove to be helpful or will it be game over as soon as you start?

SG Digital is part of the enormous network of brands under the WMS umbrella which includes Barcrest, where the fruit-machine three-reel games originate from, and Bally Technologies. SG Digital are forging a reputation in the market for creating slots which offer real innovation, and Tetris Extreme is another example. There aren’t many true Tetris style slots out there, other than games like Gold N Rocks which have a passing similarity but no more. Tetris Extreme changes all of that as the lack of conventional reels and the use of the Tetris brand takes the gameplay to the next level.

Thereare seven reels in this game, but they won’t be set out conventionally. TetrisExtreme doesn’t have a set of reels with symbols which are waiting to be spun.Instead, you’ll be playing with the cascading tiles which drop into your screenand vanish if they match. The tiles drop down and any gaps created are filledwith more cascading tiles. This sequence repeats until you run out of matchesand the turn ends. You’ll set a stake like usual, and there’s a min bet of 0.20and a max bet of 100.00, leaving plenty of room for low and high rollers alike.

Feature Symbols

Inthis game, there are no symbols as it’s a carbon copy of Tetris. You’ll only beplaying with Tetris bricks, albeit it in different colours and sizes. Just likethe real Tetris, the brick shapes can be rotated and will drop down to formvarious patterns. There aren’t any conventional paylines, so you’ll scoop a winif there are clusters of the same colour bricks next to each other. This can bemade up of any shape of brick. The size of the cluster determines how much you’llreceive, starting with nine and going up to 25+.

Bonuses and Jackpots

Ifyou manage to clear a whole line by matching the symbols, you’ll receive amultiplier. The amount you receive depends on how many lines you clear,starting from x2 for clearing one line right up to x50 for clearing 15 lines.If you clear at least 15 lines in a single turn, you’ll win ten free spins.During the free spins feature, you might catch sight of the exceptional goldbricks. If you use these to clear a line, the multiplier will increase by x5.

There’salso a lucrative megadrop feature with three progressive jackpots: Minor, Majorand Epic. Every time you play a percentage of your stake goes towards thejackpot sum, bumping up the potential win. You don’t have to bet big to win ajackpot; these can be awarded on any win. The mega drop jackpots significantlyinfluence the overall payout percentage. Without the megadrop the RTP is areasonably disappointing  94.31%, butthis increases to a solid 96.31% when the jackpot payouts are factored in. Thelargest possible payout is 250,000.00.

Play Tetris Extreme Slot at PlayCasino

You can play Tetris Extreme at our online slots website, along with other slots from SG Digital. We don’t think that Tetris Extreme is the best game this developer has, but it’s curiously absorbing even though it’s relatively basic. If you enjoyed matching bricks in the real Tetris, you’d probably enjoy watching these bricks on the reels, and of course, the chance to win one of those big money jackpots is always a big incentive to play!