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When Seth MacFarlane made the leap to the big screen from animated TV shows like Family Guy and American Dad, the results were undeniably hilarious. In his feature-film directorial debut, Seth takes on the role of Ted, an unusually personable teddy bear who likes to get up to all kinds of mischief. In the company of his original owner, the now adult Mark Wahlberg, Ted initially proves something of a bad influence on the film’s protagonist, encouraging him into a partying lifestyle that others say is holding him back.

While the film is pretty lighthearted and to be taken with a pinch of salt, it’s nonetheless a strong offering for a modern comedy. It’s heartwarming to see that this hasn’t gone unnoticed in the slots world, and Blueprint Gaming have managed to take the theme and run with it, to create this Ted-themed slot. Other notibale Blueprint slots include Winstar and Imperial Dragon.

So of course, you’d expect to find the bear himself featuring pretty prominently on the reels, and fans will not be disappointed when they check out the game for the first time. As usual, it looks like Ted’s had a few cans too many, as he lounges in front of the main game reels. The graphics on the reels themselves are fairly basic, but they speak to props and elements of the film you’ll probably recognise.

Arguably the most important aspect of this slot from a games design perspective is the number of additional features and bonuses, more than most other comparable slots, and enough to keep you on your toes as you play through your session. Set across 5 reels, with 20 active paylines, these bonuses factor into the game to make it feel like every spin has the chance of introducing something new.

The jackpot stands at a not too shabby 500x, particularly in light of a high RTP that breaks the landmark 95% threshold – in this case, 95.81% to be exact. All of these features come together to make Ted an entertaining slot, but as you’ll see when we explore the feature set, there’s a lot more here than just the entertainment value.

Ted Bonus - partycasino

Feature Symbols

There are two main feature symbols at play in Ted – a wild and a scatter bonus. The wild symbol is played by the man, or rather the bear, himself. You’ll know it’s the wild, because it has the words WILD emblazoned across the picture of Ted, ample indication for even the most intoxicated players to get a handle on what’s going on. If you land the Ted symbol, you get the benefit of the wild in the usual way, making up for any symbols you’re missing from your winning paylines. Every other symbol stands to be replaced by Ted as the wild, with the exception of the scatter symbol.

The scatter symbol in this slot is the Thunder Buddies Bonus icon, which crops up on the screen from time to time. Three or more of these symbols on your reels triggers the Wheel-of-Fortune style bonus round, where there are plenty of bonus features up for grabs.

Bonuses & Jackpots

The Thunder Buddies Bonus feature gives you the chance to spin the bonus wheel in order to win one of a series of prizes. There are five features in all, and depending on where the wheel lands, you’ll play one of them to get your hands on the added bonuses.

The Bar Crawl Bonus is the first option, where you’re required to move empty bottles around a board to find prizes. There are multipliers to be won here, which is great news for boosting the size of your wins, as well as special squares that can kick you into another bonus feature, the Big Money Bonus, which as the name implies, can deliver big money wins when the going is good. Just try not to get arrested – this ends the round abruptly, and returns you back to the main game.

Super Mart Free Spins is the next feature you can land on, delivering five free spins on a new set of reels, set of course in a supermarket. There’s also a moving wild here that will pop up on your reels throughout the free spins, making itself useful when you’re short on a payline combination.

Ted Bonus 2 - partycasino

Flash Free Spins is a similar bonus feature, and that provides you with a set number of spins on another alternative set of reels, with additional bonuses added incrementally as you spin. This can be a decent round for picking up some extra bankroll, so cross your fingers for a lucky outing if you land this one.

The Wheel of Fartune (not a typo) is next, which gives you the chance to win multipliers, an arrow, or the Big Money Bonus, which is where some of the biggest wins are to be had.

And finally, the Big Money Bonus itself, which can be won directly from the bonus wheel, takes you to another bonus feature. Here, you can expect to win at least 1 sizeable multiplier for your spins, with much more up for grabs if things work out well for you.

There are also a number of other Ted Modifiers, which can be triggered at random whenever Ted decides to be your friend. These include bonus boosts, additional wilds, bong smoke transforming a number of symbols into one of a kind, and even a few more bonus symbols on the reels.

Play Ted at PartyCasino

If you’ve played many slots, you’ll already know that the range of bonuses and additional features in Ted is comprehensive, to say the least. There is so much potential for improving your game through the bonus rounds and modifiers that it feels like there’s always something going on. If you’re looking for a chilled out spin, this probably isn’t the game for you – there’s too much carnage going on with all these bonus features and added extras, true to Ted’s personality.

This is a fun slot with bags of opportunity, and a great way for fans of the film to relive their time with Ted.