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Neon Rush Splitz

Neon Rush - partycasino

We’re going back in time, to then go forward past the present day. This might be confusing, but if you’ve watched various movies from the 80s, you’ll have noticed that the future always included a lot of neon lights. It was a theme adopted by various rock bands from the 80s, and it’s still an impressive look. Now, Yggdrasil is bringing its new splitz concept to the reels in Neon Rush Splitz slot, and on top of having a fresh look, there’s a jackpot worth $1million up for grabs. We always love a good jackpot, but the game has a bonus feature that assists in chipping away at the payouts, too. Let’s get a closer look at Yggdrasil’s new spinner.

On any spin in this game, you’ll have a chance at winning a jackpot, which is definitely an excellent incentive. The biggest jackpot available is $1million, which is a considerable amount for a regular slots title. This all happens on five reels and ten paylines, with a slick theme that has been applied by Yggdrasil, the Scandinavian casino software studio that has been, quite arguably, producing the most visually rich slots titles of the last four years. The games also seem to introduce innovations that other studios haven’t yet jumped on, and Neon Rush Splitz is the second title to now use the splitz function. This sees one symbol have the ability to be split into five pieces of the reels.

Neon Rush Win - partycasino

The most you’ll be able to wager is £40.00 per spin, which for a game that allows you to win £1million is quite amazing. You’ll see in slots these days that the maximum bet average lies at about £100 per spin, with much lower jackpots than what you find here. £40 is still quite high for most of us to wager on a single spin, so the wagering limits start at a very low £0.10.

Feature Symbols

The symbols aren’t the most exciting that we’ve ever seen Yggdrasil produce. However, they are what they are due to the splitz functionality. Usually, what we’ll see is a selection of icons that tie in with the theme of the game, and playing card royals as lower value symbols. However, here there are five regular symbols that are various shapes – triangle, square, hexagon and two different coloured downwards arrows.

The wild symbol, which is simply a W, can substitute all the regular icons to create a winning payline. There are free spins icons that are aptly named Free Spins, as well as a Jackpots icon that is a dollar sign.

Bonuses and Jackpots

Neon Rush Bonus - partycasino

There’s a free spins icon that stands up there with the best we’ve seen. You’ll need to land three or more of the free spins icons to trigger the feature, which a breakdown is given below:

  • Three free spins symbols – 10 free spins
  • Four free spins symbols – 20 free spins
  • Five free spins symbols – 30 free spins

While the free spins feature is superb, it doesn’t have much on the jackpots feature, should be lucky enough to trigger it. The payouts you can win here are unparalleled to most rival slots, with £1million being the optimum if wagering at max bet. You’ll need to land 5 dollar symbols on the reels, at which point you be in with a shot at one of the following:

  • Rush Jackpot – 5 x stake
  • Neon Jackpot – 20 x stake
  • Hyper Jackpot – 50 x stake
  • Mega Jackpot – 100 x stake
  • Superior Jackpot – 500 x stake
  • Ultra Jackpot – 25,000 x stake

As you can see, the Ultra Jackpot is the one you want to land, as it’ll pay you an unbelievable 25,000x your bet. This is where the concept of wagering higher for higher returns really comes into play.

Play Neon Rush Splitz Slot at PartyCasino

There’s so much going on in this game. Plus it will be quickly noticed that the splitz symbols play a much more significant than what we’ve touched on. The rockstar in Neon Rush online slot is definitely the Ultra Jackpot. However, the free spins are an excellent way for players to take in some valuable winnings. While this title might be a little technical, and perhaps just too much complexity, for some players, experienced ones will love the new challenge posed by one of Yggdrasil’s latest innovations.