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Monopoly Electric Wins

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  • Software: SG Digital
  • Progressive Jackpot: no
  • Paylines: 729
  • Reels: 6

If you’ve ever played the iconic board game, you’ll feel just like you’re rolling the dice again with this cleverly designed online slot from SG Digital. You almost won’t recognise it as a slot game on first glance as the neon design looks just like a techno version of the Monopoly board. And you’ll be aiming for the same outcome; whizzing around the board, collecting properties and seeing what those elusive Community Chest cards hold! There are even two dice on the screen which roll before every turn. Sadly you won’t receive a real £200 just for passing Go, but you could rack up some handsome other rewards – if you can avoid going to jail!

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SG Digital have a habit of electrifying games, such as their previous slot Electric Wilds which has the same electrified and neon design. They’re also the creators of the quirky Tetris Extreme, an unusual twist on the popular block-building game. If you’re tired of playing slots which all look the same, SG Digital is worth taking a look at as their creations are undoubtedly different.

AlthoughMonopoly Electric Wins really does look just like an online monopoly board,there’s a set of reels hidden in the middle. You’ll be playing on a 5×3 set ofreels which has 729 paylines. The min bet is 0.20, ideal for penny bets, whilethe max bet is 15.00. The RTP is a decent 96.51%, and it’s a low-mediumvolatility so you’ll be racking up the wins fairly quickly while aiming for thebig payday of x1000.

Feature Symbols

SGDigital have gotten creative with their symbols, and you won’t find anythingmundane on these reels. The low-value symbols include the ship, racing car andtop hat from the original game pieces, as well as a dinosaur. If you land oneof the higher symbols, you’ll have either a diamond ring, policeman, communitychest, dog, Mr Monopoly or the game board itself.

You’llalso have wilds and scatters in the base game, but hold on to your horsesbecause this online slot is just about spilling over with unique features thatwe’re about to reveal.

Bonuses and Jackpots

SG Digital have been busy in creating a slot that has enough features to leave your head spinning. It starts with the electric lightbulb; when this appears on reel six, it transforms any wilds on the reels into a x2 wild multiplier.

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Everytime you take a turn, the dice will be thrown first, and you will move aroundthe board around the reels in the same way as a regular Monopoly game. When youland on a property that you don’t own, it will move to your inventory. Once youown all the properties in a set, you can start on property development – justlike real Monopoly! The same rules apply for adding houses and hotels;distribute them; however, you want across your onscreen property sets.

Butcollecting the properties isn’t just fun, it also could win you money. Once youhave hotels on a full set of properties you’ll open the free spins bonus You’llwin between 4-16 free spins, and you can retrigger the award by creatinganother group of hotels during the bonus. During this free spins round, you’llreceive money for landing on any properties where you have developments – justlike Monopoly! An extra table in the payable shows how much cash you’ll get foreach coloured property set.

Allsounds pretty exciting, right? But there’s still more. Special tiles such asthe waterworks and electric light company trigger bonus events, and if you landon the ring, all the low-value symbols will be removed from the reels. There’salso Free Parking, railroad, Chance and Community Chest but we’re not going toruin all the secrets – you’ll have to play the game to find out what you’llget. Suffice to say there’s plenty of ways to earn a little extra while havingfun.

Youmay recall the Go To Jail card that was dreaded in the board game – this stillexists, but you’ll get out of jail on your very next turn with no forfeit!

Play Monopoly Electric Wins Slot at PartyCasino

It’s hard to recall the last game that was quite as innovative as Monopoly Electric Wins as it’s absolutely crammed full of features that are fun and engaging. You can play it at our online casino and discover for yourself whether you’re a born property tycoon or not!