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Monkey Madness

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Monkey Madness - partycasino

One of the most popular themes for slots games are animals, which provide such a rich backdrop of inspiration for slots developers. Whether it’s realistic slots themed around wild animals, to jokey slots where animals take on the lead role in a more elaborate narrative, there is plenty of slots action revolving around the animal kingdom.

Monkey Madness from Pragmatic Play is another example of this phenomenon in action. A simple slots game in its own right, it is themed around the titular monkey, as well as other animals and symbols you might expect to find in a fictional monkey paradise. Look out for the monkey himself, alongside pineapples, bananas, pelicans, and even some exotic cocktails in fruit – it’s a totally tropical experience!

Unlike most online slot games, this doesn’t set out with five reels and dozens of paylines. Monkey Madness is much more compact, and owes more to the traditional AWP-style slot machines in terms of its structure and gameplay. There are 3 reels deployed here, with three rows running horizontally across the board – your mission is to line up matching symbols, according to the paytable displayed to the left of the main reels.

As such, Monkey Madness is a little thin on the ground when it comes to extra features, or bonus bells and whistles. While these are now the staple of modern slots action, not every game needs to shape up like this, and not every slots fan enjoys navigating their way through fancy bonus games when they’re just up for taking their chances on a decent spin win.

The jackpot here stands at 10x, which isn’t exactly a massive win. However, it is a decent enough win for a quick spinning slot like this, especially when you consider the payout percentage – an impressive 96.53%. This is well within the top tier of slots by payout, and means you’re playing against a slimmer than usual house edge – for anyone who knows anything about gambling, that’s always a plus!

There isn’t a lot to Monkey Madness, and it’s a fairly self-explanatory game. However, it still takes a healthy dose of luck to land the right combination on your reels.

Feature Symbols

If you came here looking for exciting bonuses, extra mini-games and animations that will blow you away, you’re probably going to be a bit disappointed – in that, there aren’t any. What you will find here are wild symbols, in the form of the monkey, and you need to line three or more of these up on any of the paylines to hit the game’s jackpot award.

Bonuses & Jackpots

The Monkey wild is the only thing close to resembling a bonus here, substituting for other symbols you’re missing to complete winning combinations in the usual way. It’s unusual to find a wild in a fruit machine at all, so in fairness, this is an added extra to the format – it’s just that Monkey Madness is an otherwise fairly basic example.

You won’t find huge jackpots, with a maximum of only 100 coins available. However, you will find that the game spins quickly, and you can pick up some OK wins along the way, so it’s still possible to have a decent session.

Play Monkey Madness Slot at PartyCasino

Monkey Madness is a good fun game, even though it’s very simple to play. You won’t be able to spend hours spinning it, but for a quick session, and with any luck a quick succession of wins, it’s still a very good shout. Think of it like a fruit machine with a few added extras, and you’re pretty close to the mark.

If you’re mad enough to tempt this monkey, you can try Monkey Madness today – it’s available and waiting for your spin, right here at Party Online Casino.