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Money Inc

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  • Software: Booming Games
  • Progressive Jackpot: no
  • Paylines: 10
  • Reels: 3

Money Inc Slot Review

Booming Games rolls out the red carpet with Money Inc, a slot that epitomises the allure of affluence. Here, opulence isn't just an aesthetic; it's the very essence of the game. Each element, from the shimmering interface to the indulgent sound effects, is a slice of the high life, served on a silver platter.

Money Inc Slot - partycasino

With 10 paylines, Money Inc presents a concise path to potential riches. These lines are the golden threads of play, each a chance to claim a slice of the prosperity that the game embodies. This slot doesn't need to boast; its quality speaks through its polished simplicity and the understated promise of luxury within every spin.

Money Inc Symbols - partycasino

In the glossy realm of Money Inc, seven symbols hold the key to the treasury. The minors, the understated yet essential quartet comprising Jacks to Aces, are the bedrock of the game's economy, delivering up to a modest 1x your stake. They are the steady hands in the world of fluctuating stocks and shares, reliable in their modesty.

The majors, on the other hand, are the big players in the financial field. They are the symbols of tangible assets: the lustrous gold bars and the two enigmatic characters, who can amplify your bet by up to 5x for a complete set. These are the blue chips of the slot world, the sought-after commodities that promise greater dividends.

Complementing the portfolio are the versatile Wilds, agile as hedge funds, ready to substitute for any pay symbol to form winning combinations. Then there are the Scatters, akin to bonus dividends, which when gathered, initiate the Free Spins feature, potentially unlocking the vaults to more potentially opulent rewards.

Bonuses and Jackpots

The Money Inc slot enriches the playing experience with features designed to elevate the thrill of the chase for wealth. The Win Multipliers are the game's stock-in-trade, increasing by +1x with each consecutive win. Like a bull market, there's no ceiling to its potential, though it does reset to 1x with a new spin.

At any moment, the Multiplier Boost could surge, a random boon that could escalate your current win multiplier by up to a staggering 10x. It's the slot equivalent of a market rally, unexpected but highly welcomed.

The pinnacle of Money Inc's fiscal incentives is the Free Spins feature, triggered by landing three Scatters. This bounty comprises ten free spins, where fortunes could be further favoured by the possibility of retriggers. The journey begins with a base win multiplier of 2x, and, in a turn of good fortune, this multiplier doesn't reset between spins, allowing for the accumulation of wealth in a way that would make any tycoon envious.

Play Money Inc at PartyCasino

At PartyCasino, Money Inc distinguishes itself with a theme that's all about the sheen of wealth, without the flashiness. Its standout feature, the endlessly climbing Win Multipliers, reflects the essence of affluence, where each win is a step up the economic ladder. It's not just about the bells and whistles; it's about the clink of coins and the rustle of banknotes, a game where financial growth is as thrilling as the theme itself.

Can Money Inc be played at PartyCasino?

Yes, Money Inc is available for play at PartyCasino.

Which software provider created Money Inc?

Booming Games is the creative force behind the Money Inc slot, bringing a touch of luxury to the spinning reels.

How do players unlock the main bonus mode in Money Inc?

The main bonus mode in Money Inc is unlocked by landing three Scatter symbols, which triggers the Free Spins feature with an initial set of 10 free spins and an opportunity for retriggers.