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Card games are one of the most iconic elements of a casino, with players seated around a table competing for the cash on offer. Along with poker, live blackjack is one of the most popular games and is played in casinos worldwide. 

Live Blackjack provides an experience that's just like playing in a real-life casino and here at PartyCasino, we've got lots of different types of Live Blackjack for you to play. 

What is Live Blackjack?

The principles of blackjack are deceptively simple; to win, you just need to hold a hand that gets closer to the magic number of 21 than the dealer's hand. You're competing against the dealer, and you'll only lose if your hand goes over 21 or the dealer gets closer to 21 without busting. Check out our how to play blackjack guide, if you would like to brush up on your blackjack skills.

It's possible to play with a computer-generated card deck, but some players prefer the real thing. Live Blackjack uses a real card deck and has a live host overseeing play. An automatic shuffler is used before the host deals out the cards into the space allocated. All of the cards contain microchips that are read by the table. This enables the card details to be displayed to the player on their screen. You can choose to stick or hit, depending on the hand you have been dealt.

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All of the rules of blackjack are the same as usual, but unlike regular online blackjack, you'll be able to chat and interact with other players via chat boxes on screen. The live host will talk to the players directly, creating an upbeat and vibrant atmosphere that's very similar to a land casino. 

Majority Rules Live Speed Blackjack

Created by Playtech, Majority Rules Speed Blackjack is a live game that has a twist on the theme, offering two different modes depending on how many players are taking part.

In the Majority Rules mode, all players must vote on what action to take: hit, split, stand or double. If half of the players or more vote for a specific action, it will automatically take place. Where there are fewer players, Best Strategy mode is used instead; this has pre-defined strategies which are used to resolve hands.

Majority Rules Blackjack - partycasino

Quantum Blackjack Live

Another Live Blackjack game offered by Playtech, Quantum Blackjack, can be played with unlimited players and largely follows all of the regular rules.

 However, players can win up to x1000 because of the presence of up to three quantum multipliers which are randomly selected on each round. If your winning hand contains any of the cards nominated as the quantum, you will receive the multiplier. If you have more than one multiplier in your hand, they will be added together to give big money rewards.

The only negative of Quantum Blackjack is that the game awards a push if the dealer busts with three cards. This means you'll only get your stake returned rather than a winning payout.

Quantum Blackjack - partycasino

Freebet Blackjack

Freebet Blackjack from Evolution was originally released as a regular online game and can now be played as a live version. The name gives a clue to the main difference; you get free bets with this game.

 You would typically pay for doubles and splits in other types of blackjack, but with Freebet Blackjack, they're offered as a freebie. Some experts suggest following the regular blackjack strategies but taking advantage of the free doubles and splits as often as possible to maximise returns.

Free Bet Blackjack Live - partycasino

Blackjack Fortune VIP

With Blackjack Fortune VIP, there are seven seats available in every game. There is a live dealer who facilitates play, but even if you aren't one of the seven players, you can still bet by backing the hand of one of those at the table. The game offers the usual range of side bets, such as Perfect Pairs, which can be played even if you're one of the background players and don't have a seat at the virtual table.

 It’s a fun concept because if you’re one of the players who has a seat, you’ll have lots of other people following and betting on your hand.  

This is just one of the Blackjack Live games created by Evolution. 

Blackjack Fortune Vip Live - partycasino

Infinite Blackjack

Unlike some of the online games of Blackjack, which limit active participants, Infinite Blackjack allows an unlimited number of people to play. Another of the games from the Evolution studio, Infinite Blackjack, is suitable for everyone with a low minimum stake that increases substantially to suit high rollers too. 

The regular blackjack rules apply, but there are some nice little additions, such as the dealer being forced to stand on 17. gives everyone a great chance of winning. 

Infinite Blackjack Live - partycasino

Is Live Blackjack Legit?

Here at PartyCasino, we offer a wide range of Live Blackjack games that are suitable for all types of players. We are licensed by both the UK Gambling Commission and the Gibraltar Gambling Commission; we are also regulated by the latter. 

It's essential that you only play at properly licensed and regulated online casinos because this ensures play is fair. Regulators have high standards that casinos must meet, and the checks are rigorous. Providing you play Live Blackjack at casinos that are regulated and licensed by recognised authorities, you can trust that it's safe and legit.