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Laser Lock

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  • Software: Quickspin
  • Progressive Jackpot: no
  • Reels: 5
Laser Lock - partycasino

CR Games are back with a brand new title – Laser Lock slot. This bonus feature packed extravaganza is loaded with opportunities and quite a bit of fun for the experienced reel spinners. Players have the choice of playing in various different modes which has the ability to give you enhanced wins. The game is locked and ready, now let’s take an in-depth look at Laser Lock online slot to see just what rewards there are to take advantage of.

The first thing that really captures the attention for all online slots enthusiasts is the maximum amount that can be won. This is, first and foremost, why these world popular titles exist. In Laser Lock the most that any one player will be able to walk away with is £250,000.00. This is a massive amount and one you’ll need to be playing at the maximum wagering amount to be in with a shot at winning. As with all titles there is the option of setting your wagering limits. There are far more players who prefer playing a conservative betting strategy than playing max bet. However, it must be warned that playing low amounts will not net you wins nearly as attractive as the high bets.

Laser Lock slot is available on mobile devices and you’ll notice that the graphics are on par with the desktop version. This is a prerequisite in 2019, as most players now play off their mobiles. Lastly, there’s a RTP of 95% to help you curb any losses. This isn’t the best one we’ve seen, but will at least assist where needed.

Feature Symbols

CR Games have made available the standard selection of symbols. They’ve been split into higher paying and lower paying symbols, while there’s also a few other icons that players will most definitely hope to land more than any others. The most treasured of all symbols is the scatter, which is simply represented by the icon saying Free Spins. As the name suggests, this is exactly what this symbol can deliver.

Bonuses and Jackpots

This is where Laser Lock really comes into its own. First up is the free spins we’ve already mentioned. In order to get your hands on these you’ll need to land 3 or more scatter symbols on the reels. Once you have achieved this you’ll be able to claim 10 free spins.

There are also a selection of bonus features that can happen randomly and that will see you come into some quite marvellous wins.

Thunder Bonus – This will happen when lightning strikes the reels. This will result in all the symbols being destroyed and replaced with new symbols which will form a winning combination or trigger free spins.

Meteorite Bonus – You’ll notice this happening by a selection of random symbols crashing into the reels. These symbols will eliminate whichever symbols they tumble into and will replace them with winning enhancements.

Earthquake Bonus – The reels will shake upon which time various symbols will fall from the reels. These fallen symbols will then be replaced by new symbols for cash purposes.

Black Hole Bonus – A black hole will appear in the middle of the reels and suck all symbols off the reels. The black hole will then spew out new symbols which will either reward a cash win or trigger free spins.

Players also have the ability to gamble their winnings that they have just accumulated. There is a wheel that can be spun, and if the wheel lands on a green segment then winnings will be doubled, but landing on a red segment means all winnings are lost.

Play Laser Lock Slot at PartyCasino

It isn’t very often that studios pack so many bonus features into one game. Most players would be satisfied by the free spins feature, however with Laser Lock you are treated to 4 extra features. Let’s not also forget the maximum jackpot of £250,000.00, which is a major attraction in its own, and should you manage to achieve it there’s no telling just how much your life will change. If you’re on the lookout for a new, high paying title then why not lock your laser on Laser Lock.