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King Kong Cash Jackpot King

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The biggest, baddest ape of them all is back in King Kong Cash Jackpot King slot. You might not have known this, but this brand new release from Blueprint Gaming is a follow up to 2016’s King Kong Cash, which introduced us to a much more laid back giant gorilla than the one we’ve seen in various movie adaptations. There was also a scratch card game by the same name released by Blueprint in 2016, as well as a Megaways version titled the Return Of Kong. The latest sequel comes with much of the same the first instalment gave us, just with a mind-blowing progressive jackpot and a bonus wheel for good measure.

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There is very little that’s changed in look and feelfrom the first King Kong Cash slot we saw back in 2016 to the new release wehave today. The star of the show is still a very relaxed looking gorilla, stillwearing his Hawaii shirt and still kicking back to the side of the reels. Ithas been four years since we last saw Kong on the reels, so expect a slightupgrade in the graphics, although it is marginal. All the same characters arestill accompanying Kong in making up a cast. However, there are two keydifferences. The first is that there’s a progressive jackpot. Win this massivepot of cash, and you’ll be joining Kong wearing a Hawaii shirt without a carein the world for the rest of your days. The second is a bonus wheel, but moreon that later.

While things have looked great up until now, one thingwe take issue with is the maximum bet of £500. There’s very little chance that players will bewilling to wager this amount of cash on a single spin, and therefore thereseems very little point to this. There is a flip side to this coin though, inthat the wagering limits start at a very low 10p per spin, which means thatalmost all players are accommodated –players with modest bank balances and high-rollers.

Feature Symbols

This is an area of the game that Blueprint Gaming feltvery little need to change. All the characters from the original are back.These are a bunch of personified animals from the jungle including thecrocodile, a bird, an intellectual looking tiger, a rhino and the King KongCash logo. As usual, there’s a the lower paying playing card royals J, Q, K andA, with the ace being the top paying of these.

Keep an eye out for the wild symbol, which is abarrel. It will stand in for any regular icon to create a winning payline. Theonly symbol it won’t substitute is the bonus symbol.

Bonuses and Jackpots

Of course, the main feature here is the progressive jackpot. There are two game logo symbols, but the King Kong Cash Jackpot King icon is the one that will get you a chance of winning what could genuinely be an amount to change your life.

The bonus symbol is there to bring you in a series ofwins that really do wonders for boosting your casino account. There are fivebonus games that you have the possibility of activating, and in order to do so,you’ll need to land three or more bonus icons on the same spin. Once thishappens, you’ll be taken to a bonus wheel which then gets spun. And dependingon what the wheel lands on. You’ll be well compensated. There’s free spins andcash prizes to be won.

Look out for Kong on the side of the reels in KingKong Cash Jackpot King online slot, as the big guy will randomly come to lifeon spins and add extras to your spin. The outcome will always be cash prizes,even though there are five different ways Kong will boost a specific spin.

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There is no better prize when playing online casino games than winning a progressive jackpot, which is definitely going to be the main attraction in King Kong Cash Jackpot King online slot. We don’t think a maximum bet of £500 per spin is at all necessary. However, the features embedded in the bonus wheel means that you’ll have plenty of opportunities to pack away some cash prizes. The randomly triggered Kong gifts also do their part to grow your balance. No need to run for your life when you see Kong in this game, he actually could become your new best friend.