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Ivanhoe Slot

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Sir Walter Scott is arguably one of the most famous Scottish authors of all time. Today, the Scott monument in Edinburgh stands tall over Princes Street, in homage to a writer often credited with creating much of the tartan and shortbread image that has become synonymous with Scotland. OK, so what has any of this got to do with online slots, I hear you cry?

Ivanhoe from ELK Studios is based on Sir Walter Scott’s 1820 novel of the same name, which details life of nobility in 12th century England. I know what you’re thinking – it’s the perfect theme for a slot…well, maybe. There’s certainly a lot of value in this compact slots game, which combines themes from the novel with a modern twist. Expect pixelated animations and slick reels, with accompanying animations that really give the game a life of its own.

As far as the main reels are concerned, there are only 3, giving this the appearance of an old-style AWP machine.

The slim bonus features is a drawback, but there is still the Ivanhoe bonus to look out for, which can make a significant impact on your game. If you’re looking for something with all the bells and whistles of a blockbuster video slot, you’ll perhaps be a little disappointed. But if you’re looking for a new challenge, you enjoy the theme, or you just fancy checking out another fantastic game from ELK Studios, there’s something to like here for everyone.

So while there are only 3 reels and 17 paylines, there are still a number of symbols you should be keeping an eye on, in helping to bolster your bankroll. But which symbols pay the best, what does the bonus do, and how can you go on to lift the game’s jackpot if you get the chance?

Feature Symbols

As with all our slot reviews, lets look at the feature symbols. The reels in the main game are filled with the traditional symbols you’d expect from a fruit machine. Things like lucky number 7s, in red and blue, lemons, watermelons and cherries adorn the reels, giving this a distinctly un-classic literature feel from the off. But we can make allowances for that, given that the game plays very well.

Ivanhoe Bonus - partycasino

There aren’t any wild symbols, so you don’t get the benefit of subbing something in to complete your missing paylines – it’s simply not an option. There is a crown symbol which looks like it might be a feature symbol, but it too has no function beyond just filling a space on the reels in the main game.

The only distinct feature symbol to speak of is the Ivanhoe Bonus symbol, which you’ll know when you see it. You want to land three or more of these anywhere on an active payline in order to trigger the corresponding bonus.

The bonus starts by allocating you 5 free spins. Every additional Ivanhoe symbol you turn up during your free spins adds an extra free spin, so it’s very possible to get on a roll and get the spins racking up. With each winning spin, you also progress through levels, which earn you more value per free spin, including multipliers.

The crown becomes wild during the free spins round, and as you progress through the levels, you get correspondingly increasing wins. So for Ambush, you get a 2x multiplier, for The Joust Part One, you get 3x win plus 3 free spins, right up to the Return of the King – a 6x multiplier plus 3 free spins. You’ll need to win 81,000 coins first before you can trigger this round, but if you’re in it for the long haul, these features help make this game stand out, while making the winnings all the more generous.

Play Ivanhoe Slots at PartyCasino

Ivanhoe is a pretty self-explanatory slot, loosely based around the novel of the same name. While it doesn’t have the same range of features as some other, similar games, it’s important to remember this is just a 3 reel slot. There isn’t the same scope for bonuses on the reels, and ELK Studios have clearly chosen to go for compact playability rather than pulling out all the stops.

If you fancy checking this game out for yourself, you can sample Ivanhoe slots, right here at PartyCasino.