Inspiration from Fairytales

Modern online casinos are packed with games, with some of the biggest claiming hundreds of different titles in their catalogue – for instance just look at our selection of slot games! The majority of these games are video slots, which are by far and away the most popular type of online casino game amongst players. They also allow casinos and game developers to get creative, coming up with a variety of different slots games based on different stories, books, TV, cultural references, characters, sports and virtually everything else you can think of.

Fairytales provide a rich creative seam for developers looking for a new idea, and there are a growing number of slots games themed around classic stories we all remember from growing up. Whether you’re a fan of these stories or not, they often lead to compelling slots games with some great bonus features, not to mention picking up on many of the themes and characters that made the original stories so appealing.

You’ll see inspiration from fairy tales in a huge number of slots, whether directly, where a slot is based on a traditional stories, or indirectly, where battles of good and evil, and other tropes from the genre make it onto the board in some form or another. Of those that are the most direct in drawing their inspiration from fairytales, there are a few standout slots games you might want to check out further.

Red Riding Hood

red riding hood

The classic tale of Red Riding Hood is a childhood favourite, and most people will instantly be able to recall the story and the main characters from all those years ago. There’s Red Riding Hood, of course, on her way through the forest to visit her grandma. Except when she gets there, she’s in for a nasty surprise – it’s the wolf she’s been warned about, lying in wait to catch her off guard.

The slots equivalent comes from NetEnt, which has taken the ideas and themes of Red Riding Hood and transformed them into a stunning slots spectacular, complete with intricate bonus mini games and other solid features. Obviously the reels look very much like the story you’d expect, with symbols picking up on the main characters and other related icons. But there’s also a sticky wilds respin feature, as well as several appropriate bonus features to keep the action interesting.

The Beware the Beast bonus is another excellent game element, where you tiptoe through the forest to collect multipliers – all while trying to avoid getting caught by the wolf. When this is added together to the other features of the game, it makes for compelling gameplay that any slots fan will enjoy.

Beauty and the Beast

beauty and the beast

The story of Beauty and the Beast was made into a smash hit animated film in the 90s, and then re-made most recently as a live action remake starring Emma Watson. The story has captured the hearts and minds of generations, and remains one of the all-time classic fairy stories. Beyond its film adaptations, Beauty and the Beast has been made into a number of game formats, most recently by Yggdrasil Gaming, with their fantastic slots title of the same name.

The animated film starts in a dramatic, dark setting, and there’s a theme of darkness running throughout the story. This is instantly reflected in the slots game, with a stunning welcome animation that looks like it could be from the film itself. This all leads you into the main reels, where some impressive slots action awaits, not to mention some pretty juicy bonuses.

The character bonuses here are of particular note, giving players the chance to benefit from additional wilds, multipliers and other intriguing features. There’s also the option of the Golden Bet, which allows players to up their stake in return for an even bigger chance of winning. With up to £100,000 to be won from this game, this is one fairytale that could well pack a punch.

Hansel and Gretel

hansel and gretel

A classic fairy story in its own right, Hansel and Gretel is the story of two children who get lost in the woods. The original is significantly darker than the modern interpretation of the story, and makes for terrifying reading for anyone of a weak or nervous disposition! Ultimately, they fall into the clutches of a local witch, who attempts to fatten the children up so that she can feast upon them.

The slot adaptation from NetEnt channels the more conventional rendition of the story, which is a little softer around the edges than the original. Nevertheless, it combines unique elements from the story to create a game that looks and plays great. Whether you’re a fan of the story, or you’re just a fan of slots in general, this is another classic fairytale slot you should definitely be looking to take for a spin.

With more and more slots games being designed around these traditional tales, you don’t have to revisit your childhood to be reminded of their unique appeal. In fact, some of these games have serious amounts of money at stake, with jackpots that hold the potential to change your life.

With a bit of luck, and some good spin wins through your session, these slot games could help you embark on your own fairytale story, hopefully towards untold riches and everything you’ve ever wanted. Now there’s a happy ending that is sure to appeal!

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