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Review of Net Entertainment

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Very few online casinos develop their own games. That’s not because they lack the technical expertise or the creativity – it’s to do with efficiency, and the structures that exist within the online gambling sector that encourages this type of approach. Pioneered by the likes of Microgaming at the dawn of the online gambling sector, the current approach sees third party games developers creating slots titles and other online casino games, and licensing them out to casino operators, who are free to focus on what they do best – running their casinos.

While much is said about Microgaming, who are considered in some circles to be the founders of the online casino game development industry, there is another name that consistently pops up in reviews of the best games and the best casino software online – Net Entertainment, also known as NetEnt.

For every Coca Cola, there’s a Pepsi. For every McDonalds, a Burger King. While it’s not strictly as neat and tidy as that in the online casino games sector, that’s very much the role NetEnt plays alongside Microgaming. NetEnt has a reputation for producing games that hone in on quality, both in terms of features and graphics. Their games are amongst some of the most widely played in the genre, and attract a cult following, particularly amongst slots fans. But how did NetEnt get here, and what are the top games that mark them out as an industry leader?

History of NetEnt

NetEnt was founded in 1996, effectively the Stone Age of online gambling. They have grown alongside the industry to become one of its more important games developers, serving the world’s best online casinos with equally impressive games. But even before NetEnt was officially formed, it’s roots in the world of gambling had marked the company out as a successful player in the market.

The company’s forefathers founded a gambling business back in the 60s, which would eventually go on to become Cherry – one of the world’s earliest online casinos. One of the original founder’s sons would go on to establish NetEnt, with a particular focus on developing games for the industry, and the rest, as they say, is history. Today, NetEnt is listed on the stock exchange in Sweden, and produces games with some of the biggest progressive jackpots in the world, not to mention their significant following on both online and mobile platforms.

By 2016, the company had started to seriously capitalise on the emerging trend for mobile gaming, with just under 40% of their revenues being generated from mobile platforms. As NetEnt remains one of the most innovative, forward thinking games developers in the business, their position at the top of the industry looks assured for the decades to come.

Top NetEnt Games

NetEnt produces a range of gaming software, including for table games and live games, which casinos across the web are regularly drawn to using. But some of their games stand out more than others, and it’s their work in the slots genre in particular that has made them such big players in the industry.

NetEnt slots are renowned for having some of the best graphics you’ll ever experience in the genre, coupled with stunning animations and exciting game features that keep players coming back for more.

Gonzo’s Quest is one of their more popular slots titles, and it belongs in that elite band of slots with a reputation that precedes the game itself. It follows the trail of the titular character in his search for El Dorado. While many players no doubt enjoy the theme and the impressive animations built into this game, it’s also renowned for being a high payer, with an RTP at 96% making for an appetising offer.

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There’s also the likes of Mega Fortune, with its progressive jackpots, Aliens (based on the legendary film franchise of the same name), the ever popular Starburst and the intriguing Jack Hammer. If you’re a fan of slots with gripping storylines and a little more depth than the norm, NetEnt has them in spades.

Why Play NetEnt Games

NetEnt games are some of the very best in the world. While they have a reputation for excellence across everything they produce, including their mobile games and their pioneering work with VR games, NetEnt really comes into its own when you’re looking at their slots.

Plenty of their titles regularly rank on lists of the best slots games ever, and there are plenty of reasons you’ll want to check them out and see what the fuss is about for yourself. With a huge selection of NetEnt slots at PartyCasino, there’s never been a better time to try out the NetEnt catalogue for yourself – who knows, you might even find yourself as one of the next generation of NetEnt devotees.