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Hoard of Poseidon

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The might of the Greek gods are well-known in popular culture, with Aquaman himself being a descendent. These titans wielded great power which made them respected and their tales recounted for millennia after their time. One such god is, however, still wielding his powers, and is using Hoard of Poseidon slot to do it. This five reel spinner is using the power of wild symbols to give players unprecedented chances of walking away with swelling pockets, as well as a 3,000x your bet win that can make the rest of your year thoroughly stress-free. The god of the oceans is calling for us to join him on the reels, so let’s hold our breathe and take a dive.

The graphics of Hoard of Poseidon are outstanding and must have taken quite a while to craft by the graphic designers. This is the only title that iGaming studio Red Tiger has put boat-loads of effort into. If you’ve ever played titles such as the Wild Hatter, then you’ll know that the theme’s this online casino software provider incorporates are definitely on the level. Here, you’ll see Poseidon doing battle underwater with various weird creatures, which happen to not be as in cahoots as they would like the titan to believe. There are 30 paylines that serve up the winning combinations, all across five reels. The most you’ll be able to win is a 3,000x your bet multiplier, which isn’t too bad if you happen to have been playing a decent wager.

Speaking of wagering, the most you’ll be able to bet in Hoard of Poseidon is £20 per spin. This might leave the high-rollers feeling a little underwhelmed. However, the majority of players aren’t dropping near £20 on any given spin, so this means that the maximum bet is probably far more favourable on a larger scale. All the action is possible on mobile, tablet and desktop, so players on all budgets and devices should be good to go.


Thesymbols in Hoard of Poseidon follow a tried and tested formula that is used bymost casino software studios the world over, and this is the formula of lowervalue symbols, higher value symbols and special symbols. The lower paying onesare regular playing cards 10, J, Q, K and A. The higher value icons are more inline with the theme of Poseidon and are represented by a mysterious shell, aship in a bottle, Poseidon’s book and a ruby ring.

There are an almighty three different wild symbols and all can substitute regular symbols to create a winning line. The wilds are Poseidon, the Kraken and the Chest.

Bonusesand Jackpots

Allthe bonus action is courtesy of the three wild icons, in that everythingexcellent that happens does so because these babies happen to fall on the reelstogether in various combinations. The wild combinations are as follows:

  • Poseidon’s Plunder: If all the wildshappen to land on the same spin then the ensuing mayhem will see chest wildsduplicate over the reels, and will lock in place for the next spin. After thatspin Poseidon chases the Kraken off the reels, leaving a trail of ink that alsobecomes wild.
  • Locked Wilds: The chest and theKraken land together and the Kraken keeps the chests on the reels for the followingspin.
  • Ink Wilds: Poseidon and the Krakenland together, after which the god chases the beast from the reels leavingbehind a trail of ink that forms into wild symbols.
  • Cloned Chests: Poseidon and the chestlanding together sees Poseidon make many chests appear across the reels.

Duringthe game, you might be awarded a 5x multiplier, which will be added to yournext win.

Play Hoard of Poseidon Slot at PartyCasino

As you’ll have seen, Hoard of Poseidon online slot is so jam-packed with wild symbols that drop bonus combinations regularly. There might be no free spins in the game, but the wilds seem to deliver more than enough winning possibilities that you would get should free spins exist. The 3,000x your bet is also a mighty enticing prospect. Poseidon requests your company for a prosperous endeavor.