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  • Software: StakeLogic
  • Progressive Jackpot: no
  • Paylines: 50
  • Reels: 5

Do you like ghosts, ghouls and all things gothic? Chances are you might be a fan of Halloween. Whether you’re an active trick-or-treater, the friend who always throws a Halloween party, or you just make it through the festivities every year with a casual nod to the end of October, you’ll love what the slots developers at Microgaming has done here with their Halloween slot. Based on the cult horror film of the same name from 1978, this slot stays true to a number of features from the Mike Myers classic.

The reels are adorned with gruesome weapons, spooky masks and other props from the film, including telephones, knitting needles and wool. You can also expect to find Lynda, Laurie, Loomis and Annie cropping up from time to time, in this spooky but incredibly well-designed slot. Fans of the movie will find this instantly appealing, and this is a major element in the game’s popularity. But it’s also great for those who celebrate Halloween each year, and a good way to get yourself psyched up for the spook-a-thon that lies ahead.

Behind the well drawn symbols and the consistent theme, this is a game of 50 paylines across 5 reels. The 5 reel layout is pretty standard for modern video slots, but in this case, comes with a distinct difference – rather than being five reels with an equal number of symbols, the external reels have 3 rows to the internal 5. This allows for the multiple more paylines than you’d expect in a standard five reel game, and helps keep this slot feeling interesting as you spin your way through.

In our slot reviews, we like to cover bet sizes and players can bet from as low as £0.50 per spin, which is a penny per payline, right up to £800 for players with deeper pockets. When you consider the game’s main jackpot stands at 10x, that’s up to £8,000 that’s up for grabs – not too shabby for a quick spin, I’m sure you’ll agree. Most juicy of all though is the game RTP, or return to player percentage, which measures the house edge in favour of the casino on any slot you’re playing.

Most players of online casino games consider any game above 95% to represent good value, with a slim house edge that means you stand a fair chance of winning. In the case of Microgaming’s Halloween, you’re looking at no less than 97.00% RTP, which puts it firmly in the top bracket amongst some of the highest paying slots around.

To help you on your way, there are a number of feature symbols that crop up on the reels from time to time, making it easier for you to complete your winning paylines or triggering the in-game bonus feature.

Feature Symbols

Wild Symbol: The first feature symbol it’s worth mentioning is the game’s wild. If you’ve played many slots beforehand, you’ll know that wilds are effectively wildcards, turning into any symbol you need to complete a payline. So if you have three of a kind and your payline runs through a wild, you’re automatically paid out as if you had four of a kind symbols on your reels. In this game, the wild symbol is the evil looking pumpkin-knife combo, which carries the word ‘WILD’ across it in case you’re unsure. It won’t substitute for the bonus icons, but otherwise is a really useful symbol for completing value symbol paylines.

Bonus Symbol: The bonus wheel, which is red and yellow and carries the word ‘Bonus’ across the centre, is unsurprisingly the game’s main bonus symbol. Landing three or more across your reels triggers the bonus round, where there are free spins and cash prizes to be won, all suitably Halloween themed, of course. Anywhere on the reels will do for three of these symbols, which kicks you into the game’s primary bonus feature, a wheel-spinning round where you can build momentum behind your bankroll.

Bonuses & Jackpots

Three or more of the bonus symbols allows you to spin the wheel, where you can win an instant 10x your stake, free spins or the Bogeyman bonus. The free spins are awarded as nine free spins, but with a huge character symbol spanning 4×3 on the reels coming into play. This makes it easier to create paylines through that character symbol for the duration of your free spins. The Bogeyman bonus opens up a pick-me style bonus, where cash prizes are up for grabs until you find a knife symbol, which kicks you back to the main game. If you discover the horror mask while you’re there, you’ll also pick up an extra life, so there are plenty of features in the bonus round to keep the action flowing.

There’s also the wandering reels feature which is worth mentioning here. The structure of the reels, with five rows in the middle and three on the external reels, can change as the game progresses. The front porch on the main game can actually move during play, shifting the layout of the board. While this doesn’t change the number of available paylines, it does also come with a large 4×3 character square, similar to the bonus rounds, which makes it easier to complete a winning payline when this feature is active.

Play Halloween at PartyCasino

Halloween is the perfect slot for a spin in or around the big day itself. Even if you’re not thinking about dressing up this year, or you’re considering playing in the middle of summer, Halloween from Microgaming has enough great features to make this a worthwhile choice. From the excellent graphics through to the spooky in-game bonus features, there are plenty of reasons to get excited about this game. If you’re ready to be scared witless, or at the very least to try your chances on this high RTP slot, you can take it for a spin today, right here at PartyCasino by visiting our UK slots page.