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Fruit Warp

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The slots genre isn’t typically where you’d go to find innovative games that truly break the mold. Of course, there are lots of different themes, designs and layouts, and no two slots will ever feel truly the same. But when it comes to earth-shattering differences such as in games like Fruit Warp, that’s not what you expect from slots play. The basic premise is always the same: you spin the reels, line up symbols, and hope to get paid. Sometimes, you’ll even hit a possible jackpot, and if you get lucky, you’ll win more than you wagered.

When they dreamed up Fruit Warp, the development team at Thunderkick must have been fed up of sticking to convention. This game breaks virtually all the rules you’ve come to take for granted about different slots games. While the fruity theme is a tried and tested, solid background for a slots title, this game eschews the traditional reels and paylines for a very much more randomised approach.

Unlike most online slots games such as Melon Madness or Rainbow Riches, you’re not lining up symbols to get paid. Instead, Fruit Warp slot throws up a combination of different fruits, and you need three or more of a kind to get paid. They warp on screen in a blur, and wherever the symbols fall, you’ll get matched for combinations. Different fruits payout at different levels, and it’s only once you get to four or more of a kind that you start seeing the full effects of this game in action.

One thing to mention immediately is that the graphics, animations and soundtrack are stunning, and really help bring this game to life. The 3D fruit icons are a joy to behold, and the relaxing ambience the game creates makes it a tempting choice for passing the time. But how does the game actually work in practice, given its clear distinctions from regular slots titles?

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Feature Symbols

There aren’t any feature symbols like you’d expect in a more conventional video slot. So there’s no wild, no scatter, no free spins bonus – it just doesn’t work like that. Instead, the only symbols you see on screen are fruits, and all of them are eligible for forming potential winning combinations when they appear on the screen. Three or more of a kind are needed for you to win, so when you’re spinning through, it feels like the majority of your spins are dead – with somewhere in the region of 70%+ of all spins yielding no combinations.

Of those that do match up, most of your combinations pay at a value of less than your stake, and it’s uncommon for you to secure combinations that pay more than your stake. So at best, on ordinary spins, you’re looking to offset your wager, or contribute a little something to your potential bankroll.

The real good stuff comes when you land more than three of any fruit symbol, which triggers a bonus feature, and then more aggressive possible winnings when you land five of a kind. This factors in multipliers and additional free spins, and anecdotally, it’s where the best winnings in Fruit Warp are to be found.

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Bonuses & Jackpots

Four of a kind gives a free respin on the other symbols, while locking the original four in place. If you get a match with any existing symbols, you’re paid for that accordingly, so it’s like a free spin. At the same time, if you land a fifth matching symbol, you’re taken to the Fruit Mode bonus, where your potential winnings can quickly start to mount up into something more serious.

Each symbol that matches the fruit mode you’ve triggered (e.g. for every strawberry spun after five strawberries of a kind), you move one step along the warp meter, which appears at the bottom of your screen. Every time you spin and land a matching fruit, you get an additional free spin, and this adds to the total of your possible winnings, plus a multiplier. Before too long, a couple of good spins can have you sizeable multipliers and ever-increasing potential wins, which are then totalled when the round is over.

While you don’t tend to pick up much in your main game spins, the Fruit Mode bonuses in particular, can potentially lead to landslide winnings. The Fruit Warp slot potential jackpot stands at 216 coins, so theoretically, you’re looking at up to 21,600.00 of a jackpot.

Play Fruit Warp Slot at PartyCasino

Fruit Warp clearly isn’t your run of the mill slots title, and it’s a game that will catch you off guard on first glance. However, as you spin through and get the hang of it, it can be a high paying game, especially in the Fruit Mode.

Even for the novelty value, this game is well worth taking for a spin. And if you’re feeling fruity, there’s always a chance you could wind up with some decent potential wins in the bag.