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Our Favourite Games of 2017

2017 has been one of the most explosive years for casino gaming yet. Ever improving technologies have allowed casinos and games developers to continue to up the ante, producing games that are higher quality with each passing month. Taking stock of the year just gone, there are a few standout highlights that have made a serious impression on online gamblers. In some cases, it’s innovative game design that does the trick, boosting engagement and encouraging players to give their luck a whirl. For others, it’s high quality slots games that continue to raise the bar, setting an ever higher standard in an already impressive game genre.

In our opinion, here are four of the best from 2017. Everyone will have their favourites, but if you fancy trying something new, you could do a lot worse than give these veritable 2017 classics a spin.

Danger High Voltage

Danger High Voltge - partycasino

BigTime Gaming have been producing some outstanding games of late, and Danger High Voltage ranks up there amongst the best of them. It is based on the classic Electric Six song of the same name, which explains a few of the unusual features of this game. Firstly, there are six reels, which is virtually unheard of, alongside some unusual symbols that are either disco themed, or taco themed. Those familiar with the song will be able to piece together the symbols with their inspiration from the lyrics, and if you don’t immediately get the tie in, perhaps that landmark riff that plays every time you land a combination will do the trick,

An unusual game in its structure and format, Danger High Voltage is nevertheless great fun to play, and one you’re sure to be spinning until you’re winning.

White Rabbit

White Rabbit Epic Win - partycasino

Alice in Wonderland themed slots games are nothing new, but it’s the way White Rabbit carries off this theme so well that makes it worth paying attention to. But before we get too far into things, note the 97.72% RTP percentage – this is a very high paying slot, which is enough in its own right to earn this a place on our list of 2017. The reels are filled with symbols styled around characters and artefacts from the story, with a very stylised appearance to the graphics giving the game a dream-like feel.

There are 16807 ways to win, a far cry from the half dozen paylines you get with some other slots. And with multiple quality bonus features thrown in for good measure, there’s a lot to like when you’re spinning this game.

Melon Madness Deluxe

Melon Madness Bells - partycasino

Melons have a long association with fruit machines, alongside oranges, lemons, bells and bar symbols amongst the classic reel positions. While video slots have come a significant way since the original generation of slot machines, melons are still to be found from time to time adorning the reels. In Melon Madness Deluxe, this idea is taken a whole stage further, with melons running top to bottom throughout the theme of this slots classic. Melon Madness has five reels which are packed with fruit symbols speaking to the traditions of AWP machines. But there’s a big difference here between Melon Madness Deluxe and your convention slot machine – namely the progressive jackpots.

Fruity fun, whether you’re stopping by for a quick spin or two, or looking for a more serious session. With a decent RTP, strong game design and features, and jackpots that will leave your mouth watering, Melon Madness Deluxe easily earns its place in our round up of 2017.

Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher - partycasino

Dream Catcher is an incredibly simple idea, and one that borrows elements from other gambling games to put together an enjoyable challenge for online casino gaming fans. The concept is best described as a kind of ‘Wheel of Fortune’ style game, where a dealer spins a wheel to reveal the result. Players are paid according to where the wheel lands on a given spin, and in proportion to the amount they’ve staked on the spin. In some ways, this is a little like roulette. Instead of having the multiple number combinations and betting layouts available in roulette, it’s a much simpler proposition, and arguably more inviting for new and less experience players.

Try out Dream Catcher for yourself in our live casino suite with a live dealer for added atmosphere – it could be just the ticket to make your dreams come true.